What up Runners!
It’s a beautiful day in Vancouver! Today my one class was cancelled so I went hiking up Grouse mountain with a friend.. . I attempted to do the Grouse Grind but it’s still closed, ended up hiking around the mountain and didn’t even make it to the top! It was beautiful! Such tall trees and it was all so green. It did make me pretty nervous for this weekend. Saturday, I am running my first trail race at Simon Fraser University with my running buddies Carolyn and Evelyn. I signed up for the 9.7km endurance race thinking I can run anywhere for 10km… buuuut up a mountain may be a different story. The trails at Grouse were wet and slippery, I think this race is going to be a lot harder then I anticipated. Oh well, it will be fun and muddy and then we can celebrate Evelyn’s birthday!

Above is also a picture of Carolyn and I when we went skiing at Grouse this winter… at one point we thought the mountain was on fire… turns out we were just among the clouds… smrt girls 😉


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