Rest Days and Butter Chicken

This weekend I went camping in the Coastal Mountains! Beaaau-ti-ful.

And I ate the best Butter Chicken I have ever had while camping. (Typical camp food, oui?)

Camping meant I missed my Sunday Long Run with the crew.  😦 I think this was the first Sunday where I didn’t run with the RR since moving to Vancouver. Can’t believe they would run without me…geez.

Luckily, I dragged Keiran out with me once I got home since he is now training for the Montreal Marathon and luckily Keiran has no sense of smell so he couldn’t tell how bad I stunk after my camping expedition. 😉

The route was supposed to look like this:

Easy. Out and back to Stanley Park. Nothing to it.Can’t go wrong. Piece of cake.  Not quite. I didn’t want couldn’t find the turn off to go up the hill to Prospect Point so we ended up doing a little extra around Kits Beach. I am hopeless at directions.  
The run felt really good! I think it was a combination of the awesome weather (early evening- still sunny and cool) and my legs having a couple of days off. I really feel better on my runs after rest days because my muscles have had time to repair and strengthen. 
We ran 16.2km at a 5:18km pace.  
On Monday I took another rest day and did some strength work and then headed to the track Tuesday.
 I warmed-up in the trails with some ex-trackies for about 20minutes and then decided to do 10X400 at 10km race pace in prep for this weekend’s 10kmer. This meant I should be running about 1:35-400s
 1-1:20 (too fast)
2- 1:26
4- 1:26
5- ?
I ran 400m recovery runs between each set. While these were a little faster than my 10km pace, it still felt pretty good. Track work-outs are awesome if you only have to run 400m reps.  Once around the track and done!
Why do I want to be a marathon runner again? So my feet can look like this?

3 thoughts on “Rest Days and Butter Chicken

  1. Good luck this weekend!PS Your blog hates me. It takes me seven tries to get a comment to post. Hopefully this doesn't result in seven duplicate comments.

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