Attempt at Food Blogging

My running work-outs this week were nothing too exciting… well I suppose watching Dave run along the seawall in a hula skirt was pretty entertaining…

Sunday- Long Run- 18.55km Average Pace 5:02/km.

Monday- Recovery run through the UBC trails with Rachel. Easy on the knees.
11km Average Pace 5:20/km
Tip from a former Olympic trial athlete: Rachel!
-Run strides (fast runs) at the end of a long run. Example: 5X 100.
Nothing crazy but it pushes your legs a little further and reminds them how to run fast.  
I wish I looked like this…
Tuesday- 146m run. Don’t ask.

Wednesday- 6km Pace- 4:40/km (We are like sneaky children when Dave isn’t there to make us run 10km…)

Thursday- 10 min warm-up. 3X 9 minutes4:30/km

So here is my attempt at food blogging…

Food Blogger Fail #1: I decided to add a little excitement into my Tuesday by not eating crackers, hummus and cookies for dinner. Vola! I cooked….a little sweet potato, black bean, yellow, orange, red pepper, artichoke, tomato, pasta sauce, hot sauce fiesta. 
Say hello to my little tomato nephew Tomatoie. (Tomatoie says heeey Mom 😉

My uncle says you should eat with your eyes (food should look good). My eyes did not think this looked good but it didn’t taste too bad. 
Food Blogger Fail #2: This sandwich is pretty delicious and what I take to school everyday. 
Squirrelly Bread (best bread ever if toasted)
Smoked Tofu
– Weird Combo but tastes good I promise!
Food Blogger Fail #3: Ate some delish frozen yogurt (fro-yo) with the running crew Wednesday night. It was so good! I piled on so many awesome toppings. (M&M’s, oreo, strawberries, buttermilk, blueberries, raspberries, gummy bears, etc)
Note to self: Take a picture before you eat it all.
Annnd that’s all I got. Don’t really think food blogging is my thing but I might try…
PS:  Check out this awesome article by my “coach” Please help me with my running technique!

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