The Big Problem

Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully this one will be a little more user-friendly 🙂

So, Friday was a beautiful day and I was feeling very carbo-loaded (4 slices of pizza + yam fries+ beer on Thursday night will do that to a girl) and decided to go for a semi- long run. Solo. As most of my friends know, I hate running alone but thought with a little music and sun I could handle it. I ran down to Jericho beach which was about 7km at a 5/km pace. My legs felts a little tight but nothing major. I took a stretch break at Jericho, turned around to run back annnnd started walking. Why?! I have no idea. I still had to make it back to my house and  walking for 7km is way more of a pain then running but I just could not get my head into it. I wasn’t  tired, injured, sore. No excuses.  Running wise I think this is one of the biggest hurdles I have to over-come… especially with moving to China where I have no idea if I will be able to find running buddies.  Anyone have suggestions on how to get over this…? Maybe Scott Jurek?!

Oh, and on the run I broke my iPod. Running alone= a curse. (Alan– help a sister out. The Future Shop people said it was a broken sensor on my screen… what do I do?)

However, Sunday’s long run  was awesome. It was one of those days that you just wanted to keep running. Dave picked the perfect route. Beautiful and shady through the trails with a nice view of the city on our way back.  I was so in love with Vancouver. Named for Big Al

Distance: 24.27km      Pace: 5:30/km

I am being super lazy and sweaty today. But at least I had some good eats…

Mom’s homemade bread with roasted eggplant/ smoked gouda/ avocado/ spinach/ olives/ hummus/ mustard/ hot sauce. Wow, that’s a mouthful. (ha-ha)

For dinner, I experimented with Care’s food processor and grinded up some zucchini, yam, and squash. Fried it a little and then added it to a salad with smoked tofu, avocado, olives and of course hummus, hot sauce,  and mustard. (Staples in any meal…)

To see food photography that actually looks good... please go here:

Finally, I am thinking of buying a Canon Rebel Xsi.  Does anyone have one and what do they think about it?


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