Hopping on Trains

Having an 8:00am class  (seriously, summer semester?!)  has had me making my breakfast the night before.  I have recently hopped on the over-night oats train which is probably the easiest thing in the world to make.  

Just add oats and almond milk or yogurt and let it sit in the fridge over-night. I usually add chia seeds, almond butter/ banana for a topping in the am. 

However, I have recently gotten on the steel-cut oats train and must admit they taste way better than regular oats even though they take longer to cook.  I thought I could beat the system (fight the man) and make the steelers as over-night oats.  Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed with myself- I even added extra almond milk so the oaties would have tons of moisture… I imagined them being delicious, soft, refreshing… buuuut FYI all you steel-cut oater fans (Alyson) it didn’t work-they were just as hard as the night before. I guess those special oater dudes need to feel the fir-ah (aka need the stove). 

I’ve had to resort to making oats the night before… 

What does my almond butter look like?

Speaking of oats, since reading Born to Run, I always add chia seeds to mine… this morning I went a little over-board (that’s what happens when you don’t have any clean spoons and just pour open the bag. Note to self: wash dishes) and was feeling a little guilty about the abundance of omega 3 (I know it’s good for you but we are talking a lot of chia seeds people) until one of my fav blogger/runner girls… Runner’s Kitchen posted this awesome article on the benefits of chia seeds.  Guilt= gone. Life= changed. 

Went back to the track Tuesday with Ally-cat. I think I am back in love with track work-outs. It was such a nice day! The goal was to do a pyramid of sorts: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 800, 600, 400 at about a 10km/5km pace buuuut that all changed once we got going… 

10 min warm-up. (Warming up around a track for 10 minutes feels like 40) 

400m- 1:23 

600m- 2:12 

800m- 3:03 

1000m- 3:50 

1000m- 3:44 

400m- 1:22 

5X100m (Bolt style) 

It was a good work-out, so glad to have friends who will  take super long walk breaks between sets, run barefoot and talk about delicious food. 😉 

 Tuesday night= an epic feast. 

Had a little girl’s night at a friends and I ate so much that I couldn’t close my mouth properly without biting my chubby cheeks… (please tell me this happens to other people?! Care, I know you’re with me) 

Sushi, Guacamole, nachos, kettle chips, chocolate, meat, hummus, veggies. And lots of wine.

 Finally, today was a very important day…I  finally got on the banana soft-serve train! It tastes soo good. Life= changed. 

banana, peanut butter, chocolate

Take frozen bananas, put it into a food processor, add a lil mixing (chocolate, peanut butter, choose your weapon) and enjoy! 

Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me at running tonight…


3 thoughts on “Hopping on Trains

  1. Yes way to go on the banana magic.. aka banana soft serve!.. Yours looks pretty unreal as well.. I think we are going to have to get a food processor for the RR and make this after every run! See you in like half hour.. please not QE!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the link on chia seeds. I’ve been eating them now for about a year, and while I knew they were good for me, I had no idea the whole spectrum of chia goodness!

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