The Hill Taper

Thursday= Return of the hill work-out. After a 4 month “hill taper” it was time I got back into the groove of the hills.

7 hill reps that were about 600m.

FYI: hill tapering doesn’t work. Shocking, I know.  It’s like the exact opposite.  The first 2 reps were the hardest?  It also didn’t help that I kept singing Bills, Bills, Bills in my head as I ran. (Thank you very much, Care.)

The only good thing about my hill “taper” was I had forgotten how hard hills were… that lasted all of 10 seconds up the first hill.  Ouch. I forgot my Garmin but I think it’s safe to say my repeats got progressively slower.

When I run I like to break things down. For example, if I was running a  10km, I pretend I am doing 5, 4X1000 I pretend it’s two.  That way you can start over again and it doesn’t seem so bad, you’re half way in no time. I did the same for hills and after 4, I started over with 3 left in my head, pretending the first 4 never happened.  With long runs I like to cut 10km off. It seems like a lot but since I run a lot of 10kms, I know  I can do it… and it’s single digits from there on out!  This week we are doing a 26km run. One 16km and one 10km seem so much easier. Does this make sense to anyone or am I just blabbering?

The other good thing about hills is as Dave would say, they build mental toughness. Something I think I need more of… I especially could have used a boost of mental toughness during the last 8km of the Vancouver marathon.

Rewind to Wednesdays work-out, a 10.2km at 4:45/km pace down by English Bay which was insanely busy due to the firework festival…

How romantic, random couple.

It was a pretty good run all the way through, legs felt good and fairly strong. It was hot but I think I am finally adjusting to the heat!

Here are my 2 new favorite foodie things:

#1: Veggies in a plastic bag shaken in olive oil and salt n peppah and cooked in the oven. Shoop! So easy, so good!

I made brussel sprouts, asparagus, sweet potatoes and squash in the last 2 days.

Summer Salad: Spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, avocado, olives, processed up-yam, squash, carrot.

Sweet Potatoes and Squash Fries

GM- with spinach, almond milk, banana, frozen berries and home-made granola.

#2:  I made home-made granola with oats, chia seeds, ground nuts, flax together cooked with maple syrup.

It’s a long week-end! Over and out homeslices!


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