Some people are gay, get over it

That was the line on one of the t-shirts I saw at Vancouver’s Gay Pride Parade today. It was awesome! It was such a positive, fun, happy environment.

It was also the longest parade in the world. And after running 26km, standing for 3 hours wasn’t the best experience for my legs. Luckily, I forced myself to roll them out at the gym afterwards. I seriously need to invest in a foam roller. They make me feel 100% better. Or someone can make me one? I’m not very artsy…

Sunday’s Long Run consisted of running to the Olympic Oval aka Richmond and back. I liked the route, it was a little hilly at parts but nothing major and we even got to run over Oak Street bridge! I don’t know why but I love running over bridges, it just feels so cool.  We took a little break and did a mini tour of the Oval- where Olympic magic happened aka the speed skating track but is now a lot of basketball courts?! The run felt great for the first half, ok for the second bit but by the last few clicks my legs were feeling pretty tired.

Stats courtesy of Aly-cakes–  26.57km    Average Pace: 5:22/km

I forgot my Garmin for the second run in a row! It actually was kind of “freeing” to run without it and I didn’t really miss it. Especially because we had Andy giving us tips on Advanced Marathoning– I think I need to buy this book. Not that I am advanced, it just sounds really interesting.

I need a race to train for… any 10 km’s or half’s coming up?


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