This is what my world is coming too…

Eating  $5 bags of candy and skipping track work-outs.  I don’t even really like candy. Well, I love chocolate but gummy worms usually don’t do it for me. However, today I saw a girl with a bag of candy and thought, I want that. So I got it.  And then  I felt sick because I meant to save some for later but that just didn’t happen.  Here is a little trick if you want to prevent future over-candy indulgence… if you eat it all at once you feel really sick and won’t want to eat that much candy again for a long time!  Genius. (I say this, but knowing me I will probably buy another bag tomorrow.)

So, I had planned to meet Ken at the track but was so tired all through class I just wasn’t feeling it. I sent him a text and he replied “another time.”   Noooo, my un-motivated self did not need to hear that. Track was a no-go. 

Luckily, I met Alyson in the eve for a 6km tempo run. We warmed-up for about 2km and then ran 6km around the sea wall at a 4:21/km pace followed by a 2km cool down.  It was a pretty good run, my calf was sore at the beginning but once we got into the groove it loosened up. Love running along the sea-wall because it is flat, flat, flat. 

I also tried something new today: 

Vanilla Goat Yogurt

I randomly thought I’d give goat’s yogurt a try. It’s supposedly good for people who are lactose intolerant and has a lot of vitamins. It was OK (obvi I ate it all) but I wasn’t a fan of the taste ir thickness. I prefer the taste and texture of Greek Yogurt.  And now I feel kind of sick. Probably because I ate that after my run at 9:30pm. Smrt.


3 thoughts on “This is what my world is coming too…

  1. Did you get the candy from strangers? Hmmm…. forbidden candy… Sorry to about the bad Dave-less run tonight. Been feeling the same way with my runs lately. Chase each other this Sunday.

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