Am I a walker now?

I have always said that I never want to be one of those people who walk on treadmills. It’s a pet peeve of mine. You are not helping yourself walking at 0 incline at 15km per hour, people! Speed it up a bit! Add a little incline. I know it’s better than nothing but working out is supposed to be hard! You need to get your heart rate going.

However, I may have to eat my own words. Tonight’s 10km started off pretty good. Andrea and I were running at a decent pace, started running with the boys, it felt pretty good.  It was a solid 4:30/km pace. Until I stopped at a water foundation. And it hit me.  It’s so hot. Being the bad awesome influence that I am, I convinced Andrea to take a little walk break… I mean Dave wasn’t there so we could do whatever we wanted, right? A little walk break turned into a longer walk break.  In our defense, we started to run whenever we saw someone we knew so it at least looked like we were working hard… until 3 people snuck up on us. Once the gig was up, we just embraced the walk. At one point we did a 5 minute tempo run which covered a lot of ground and gave us an excuse to walk some more. 😉  In total, we ran 9km at a 4:55/km pace… we are secretly speed walkers orrr I turned my Garmin off when we were walking. Same-same. 

I would like to pretend, for the record (since I know you all care so much) that tonight’s work-out was supposed to be a 5km tempo run followed by a 10 minute walk followed by a 5 min tempo run followed by a 10 minute walk followed by a 2km cool-down.  We nailed it!  

I don’t have any pictures to post so here is a picture of Burrard Bridge where we walked ran tonight.

Disclaimer: I did not take this picture. It did not look like this when we ran. But this picture is just so pretty!


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