Drinking, Eating > Running

This weekend consisted of too much drinking, a lot of eating and a little running.

Thursday night I was majorly dreading the  hill work-out.  MA-JAH-LY. During the warm-up run, I was scheming  master plans to form relay teams so that we wouldn’t have to run as much or even cutting the work-out short. Everyone was in   (even Dave!)  except for Tom (grr) and I knew that if he did the full work-out and I wimped out I’d feel guilty so 8X 500m hill reps we all did. Yay team!  AND the best part was, it actually felt pretty good. Sometimes I think   my better runs are the ones I dread the most. I guess it’s because once you’re out there, you realize it’s not ever that bad. Does this happen to anyone else?

My times were pretty consistent averaging between 2:20-2:30 per  rep and my legs weren’t even that tired afterwards. Overall, it felt a lot better than last weeks hill work-out…I’d like to pretend I am getting stronger but really I just think it was an easier hill. 😉

Friday, there was no running but there was a lot of drinking and eating. (win-win) It was “The Final Reflection” for my B.Ed class. Can’t believe I only have one week left of school!

A lot of these were consumed…

Jello Shots!

and a couple of these…


a little celebratory…


one of these…

classy white wine

and a lot of this…

the fav- rum and diet coke

It was a very fun night, won’t get into details but somehow ended up in a limo on the way home. FYI: Cheaper than getting a taxi in Vancouver?! Lil money saving tip for all you ballahs.

This is the way things looked to me, blurry.

The next morning… not so fun. I have never been so thankful for rain, why can’t I be young and hangover free?!

I had a girly day planned with my cousins which was just the cure.


Lemon-grass chicken Pho

and all of this was consumed.

Swedish berries, munchies, sour patch candy, mini-eggs, peanut m&m's...

We  watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun and practiced all the dance moves. That counts as cardio?

And then we watched SYTYCD and personally, I think SJP could give those guys a run for their money. Check out her moves.

Or  not. This is pretty epic.

Who is going to win this season?!

Sunday was an epic 50 miler… will recap later. Anyone believe I ran 50 miles??


2 thoughts on “Drinking, Eating > Running

  1. i must say that pho or any kind of soupy noodley dish is an awesome hangover meal. i had shaolin noodles and pho on friday after a really rough night at the yaletown brewery martini night. mmm….
    girl, reading your blog, i feel like it’s an article out of runner’s world:)

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