50 miles. That is all.

Sunday brought a little running back into my life.  The running crew headed up to Squamish to watch our insane leader run a  50 miler through the trails, up the mountains, over the trees. Ummm, crazy? But so inspiring.  Could I ever do it… um stand by for 50+ years.

babe patrol!

Picked up Alan on the way

He has just run 25 miles, 25 more to go. I ate a bagel and drank coffee.

At least there were pretty trees to look at...


Alllllmost there...

And done.


Paparazzi Stop

Sorry we didn’t stick around Dave, but it was 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch. Sistah needs to eat. I guess it takes 50 milers to make me forget about food… (well almost forget, I’m pretty sure we talked about food the whole time we were waiting for you) If it takes watching a 50 miler for me to forget about eating, sign me up! To watch that is. 😉

We went to Zephyr Cafe in Squamish- which was really delicious and totally reminded me of Bridgestreet in Sackville. 🙂

Veggie Wrap!

So Sunday evening, I sucked it up and went for my little 19km run with Rachel. Another case of super dreading a run and then it not being so bad. We had a pretty fast pace at 4:49/km and even pulled out some strides at the end. I’ve been reading a lot about strides lately on the blog world and running world. I would definitly recommend giving them a try after a long run. I have found that just a few short spurts of energy actually loosens my muscles.

PS: Is this hilarious or what? Shaq saving lives as a 12 year old girl.


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