Recovery Almond Chia Banana Bread

Monday was rainy- so I decided to bake. I guess when you’re 25 you start to like baking?!  I have never been so kitchen-ey in my whole life. I “borrowed” this recipe from Mama Pea. She used flax while I used Chia and my version were not vegan. I used margarine and  threw in a Hershey Almond chocolate bar for some unknown reason? It was a hasty decision.  I found it in my cupboard and got really excited because I never forget about food!  Can’t even taste it though, what a waste.  I used 3 bananas but I think next time I would use more- it didn’t taste banana-ey (look at me, making up words like it ain’t no thang) enough.

ripen up lil banz- should have used all 4

Almond Chia Banana Bread

I also went for a 6km “recovery run” on Monday. Mostly because I had eaten half a loaf of banana bread but also because all of the marathon training programs I look at incorporate recovery runs. I had this debate with Alan a couple of weeks ago. He feels his best after a few days of consecutive running while I feel best after a couple days off, when my legs are rested.  At least that is what I thought. I realized I might just be  lazy and making excuses for not running. This article mentions that recovery runs are the most important part of training. However, that is if you are running over 5 times  a week. I usually run 5.  I’m walking the line here people, what should I do?!

Do you think rest days are just as beneficial as recovery runs? Dave?

Tuesday I headed to the track to blow of some steam with a speed-work session.

3 km warm-up- Drills- high knees, butt kicks, long strides 6X 800m with 400m recovery3km cool-down.


1: 3:00

2. 2:59

3. 2:58

4: 3:05 (I started thinking about nutritional yeast here and got distracted. Pace suffered.)

5. 2:57

6: 3:00

It was an OK work-out, definitely took my time cooling-down between each set- next time, I’ll try and be more consistent in my recovery runs. Maybe.

Wednesday was a tempo 10km. It was really hard. I tried to redeem myself after last week’s rebel run but was struggling to keep up the whole time. By the last km I felt a little stronger but then the stupid Fir street hill broke me down. Does it ever get any easier?!  Average pace= 4:44/km

TONIGHT is the dreaded boot camp run, 16km of hills. I might not have a heart by the end. No one talk to me. 😉

Boot Camp Loop

I will leave you on a positive note… the man hug, only acceptable at funerals, weddings, when your team wins the World Cup and after epic tests of human endurance (aka a 50 miler).



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