I love Vancouver

I’m freee!!  And a teacher!!! And moving to China in one week!!!!! 😐  

 There is a reason why I love this town (city). Perfect Vancouver Day=   




I went twice. Who can resist free samples? Not I.


Followed by a delicious cross-Canada feast. Check out Paul and Lucy’s blog for the details of their trip.  


TMI for the blog? At least I showed you beautiful pictures first!


A very painful 29km run on Sunday. At least it was an awesome route through West Vancouver.  

 Very beautiful! Someone seriously needs to invent a Garmin camera feature asap.   

Took my helicopter out for an ariel view of our route. Over the bridge and along the water...


Once my toe became numb and I got used to running in sauna  like conditions, the run was good! I was definitely tired by the end and glad we didn’t do the extra 3km loop like some crazies  It was also Andy’s last run. 😦  Tom, Andy and I have run together since January… the A-Team is about to be disbanded. Tom and Andy- please stop running until June. Thank you. And please start blogs. Double thanks.  

We ride together, we die together.   

In other BIG NEWS…I switched my Garmin to miles instead of kilometres. Now I can’t remember our pace.  I feel way slower and didn’t run as far… ohhh the jokes write themselves.  

PS: I like this article about the 10 Essential Food and Exercise Habits. A good refresher, especially #4. Something I have finally learned: when you don’t eat well, you feel bad!


3 thoughts on “I love Vancouver

  1. China has a population problem. They have too many people as it is. Be cool. Don’t make it worse. Just stay here.

    And the “Yu-Turn” (Dave named it, not me) is only 2k I think!

  2. In the pic of your bloody toe, I happend to notice you were wearing your cute sandals from Seattle… and they look wicked EVEN WITH your wound. Silver lining = Cute shoes!! xoxo

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