Packing Procrastinator

My room looks like this…   

Help me.

So, one of my first night’s out in Vancouver I went to the Atlantic Trap and Gill (an East coast themed bar and restaurant in Vancouver). It was just like being at the Split Crow back home. Live bands, people drinking from pitchers, c’est la vie!  I went back this week to eat and have to say the Alexander Keith’s was the highlight of my meal. 

Unfortunately, the food was not good. I’m really not a fussy eater and can eat pretty much anything but did not like this meal. I ordered the lobster and shrimp wrap and was picturing big, juicy chunks of lobster with avocado and shrimp. Umm Amelia, you’re not in NS. The lobster was frozen and there was not much.  The wrap was filled with mayonnaise. Yuck. We also ordered garlic fingers and donair sauce, an after the bar food staple back home- which should look like this…  

Look up the ingredient list for donair sauce... if you dare. I promise it's delicious!


   Let’s just say it was a garlie fail. I was about to ask the waiter if he was from out east, when he said “your mozza sticks will be right up.”  Yah, question answered. Garlic fingers are not mozza sticks! Anyway, I would recommend this bar for a night out but not for dinner. I don’t want people thinking this is how we eat out East! Our food is much better. Come visit!   

*This message was brought to you by Tourism Nova Scotia.* 😉   

Wednesday night at run club we had an un-official timed 10km. I was late as usual but ran down to Granville Island just before the route started. The run went pretty well but km 7 hurt.  I think it was the beer and chocolate I had right before I ran. 😉 I know eating right before I run will make my stomach hurt yet I always do it.  That is why morning running rules…unless you are hungover.    I had an unofficial best time of 40:44.  However, my Garmin only read 9.77km.  I cut a lot of corners… or should I pretend I was running the tangents?   

I won this bag of coffee…   

Thanks Matthew!

And thank you, Alan for this AWESOME hat. You are the best. I will wear it everyday for motivation in China.   

Boston Marathon 2011- Here we come!

Thursday night was the last hill work-out with the clinic. 10 X  475m hill reps. DONE. I never have to run hills again. There are none in China, right? My times were between 2:15- 2:25 for each rep. My legs didn’t feel too tired by the end but were stiff on the cool-down run.   

Finally, here is an interesting article on boosting endurance in training. Lots of really good suggestions for different types of runners.

Heading to Whistler this weekend for a trail race. Last weekend in Vancouver. 😦  *Sigh* I hate good-byes.


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