I’m heeeere!!

I have made it!!!

Thumbs up Air Canada for your un-limited wine service. You made my trip go very smoothly. Maybe not so much for the guy sitting beside me.

Sorry dude sitting beside me for having to get up and pee so much.

Inital Observations:

People love their horns. Honestly,  there won’t be any people/cars/scooters/bikes close and drivers will be laying on their horn. I think I might go crazy.

Fireworks. I ventured out to Wal-mart (more on that later. Insanity) and thought I heard a shoot-out. Turns out a new store was opening and they were setting off fireworks. They weren’t even cool fireworks, just little Myrtle Beach ones but they sure were noisy. Turns out, the Chinese believe that fireworks ward off evil spirits so anytime a new building, school, store, goes up they light off fireworks. They even light fireworks when a floor is completed in a building… party people!

Dirty. 😦 I think that China did a really good job cleaning up their act for the Olympics because my vision of China before was clear skies and roads. Second time around it’s very “foggy”. I miss being able to see the sun! The streets are really dirty and full of garbage. My feet are always soo dirty. OK, they were dirty in Canada but now it’s even worse! Time to stop wearing flip flops.

Lack of English. I keep getting the 10 Korean words I remember messed up with the 3  Chinese words I know. (OK, that was a lie I only know 2 Chinese words.) I haven’t met any people besides the teachers I work with who speak English. I am going to have to learn a lot more of the language if I want to survive.

The Stare-down.  I am turning a lot of heads in China. To be expected seeing as I am 1 of 10 westerns living in this city of 600,000 and the only western girl.

Traffic IS INSANE. I can’t decide if the Chinese are really, really awesome or really, really bad drivers. I’ve been known to run to catch walk lights and walk out in front of cars, cannot do that in China!  :S I have already gotten a few “wow, you are brave comments.” Brave or did you mean stupid? If I make it through this year without being hit by something, it will be a victory.

My observations sound very negative (please don’t block wordpress Chinese government) but China is just a lot different from Korea and going to take some getting used too. The staff have been awesome and everything has been a whirl-wind so far. From spending the night in Shanghai to getting to Tongxiyang (why did I bring so much stuff?!?) to picking an apartment and getting myself organized to start classes. It has been crazy! I have had no time to run. 😦 However, I am joining a gym today and my goal is to go for a run tomorrow. I will report back and let you know how it goes. Luckily, there is a track at my school. I may not go long, but at least I can practice going fast here.

So much more to tell at a later date! I haven’t even gotten into the food yet!

Also, I have no Facebook so email me ameliafraser@gmail.com!

Old meets New. Shanghai.

Crazy rainstorms that have happened every evening this week.

Baggage Service

My School!


5 thoughts on “I’m heeeere!!

  1. so glad that you have your blog in china. keep the updates coming girl. i’m curious to know more about how the school programs are. walmart in china….haha..
    eat a pork bun or two for me.

  2. Nice to see you arrive safe. See, told you Vancouver is cooler than China 🙂

    Really wished I didn’t miss the last sunday and your going-away brunch. Keep running! I’ll be very disappointed if you no longer beat me in a 10k race when you run together next time….

    Oh, let me know if you can’t read blogspot in China. I was too lazy to switch to blogspot but I’ll do it for the first follower of my blog!

  3. Good to know you made it in one piece:). Ahhh..your comments so bring back memories, especially the traffic ones! I thought I would die every time I stepped into traffic, hahah.

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