Bad Garmin

The original title of this post was going to be Bad Garmin, Good Garmin but half way into my second set of 1600’s, Garmz was no good. 

So here it goes, my first brush with the China running life.

Work-out #1- Run

My goal was just to run. No pace in mind, no distance.

Positives: I got to press  yes when my Garmin asked me if I moved hundred of miles since my last use! Have always wanted to do this. Especially when standing outside the Running Room searching for satellites.  It felt great to run. There are lanes for scooters and bikes that I tried to run on to minimize the potential for getting hit by a car.

 Amelia-1 China drivers- 0.

Negatives- I should have said it felt great for the first 1 km. After that the run felt so long. I only ran about 7km at an average pace of 5:15/km.  Maybe it was because I had no idea where I was going or maybe my Garmin was lying to me and satellites are slower here? Tell me that is possible. Each km slowly ticked by, and I felt like I was running faster than I was. 

Amelia- o Garmin-1

Work-out #2- 10 minute warm-up/ 4X 1600m @80%, 10km pace, git er dun./ Cool down. Get locked into the track.

This was really, really hard. And the track looked way bigger than 400m. Stupid Garmin- you must be lying.

#1- 6:23

#2- 6:33

#3- 6:43

#4- 7:03

Notice a trend?  It’s really hard not to be frustrated. I am trying to keep in mind how hot and humid it is (+33C) and that I am still  getting used to the change in climate.  I am happy that I finished the work-out because before the last 2 sets I really wanted to quit. Thinking of my running friends out there getting faster (so proud of you guys) really helped keep me motivated. Accountability blog- you may work!

Amelia- o Garmin-2

However, it is hard to stay positive about running in China.

There are so many people, where am I supposed to run?

It’s not that pretty, what am I supposed to look at?

It’s only me, who am I going to talk too?

It’s so hot, how am I going to make it?

I may need to re-evaluate my running goals and see what I am capable of this year. (Boston 2012? Anyone? Please?)  Or sign-up for a race in every province in China and hope for the best.

On a postive running note,  during our Pro-D today, we went through our top 3 memories from the summer. I realized most of mine were from running! I tried to sum up running as one memory so I didn’t sound like a complete weirdo especially when other people’s memories included climbing a forbidden section of the Great Wall and buying a house. Psh. I ran up Whistler, same-same.

What are your top 3 summer memories?

PS: Alan and Andy- it’s time to join the WordPress club. 😉 No blogspot in Chinatown.


4 thoughts on “Bad Garmin

  1. that track looks huge, meters are obvi way longer in china. miss you so much, keep going to text you in awkward situations and then feel so sad when i remember you’re gone! ps never knew my blog generated “related” posts.

  2. So it seems like I can’t convince you to forget this whole China thing and come back to Vancouver. Fine, I guess I’ll be supportive.

    I don’t know much about anything, but I know this much is true:

    – Change is always “really really hard”. But I’ve seen you fight through those track workouts. You eat “really really hard” for breakfast.
    – It will get better. You’ll get use to the people, the air, the humidity and even the scenery. The body and the mind will adapt. It always does.
    – In no time, you’ll love running again. Because you’re a runner.
    – I’m not that lazy when it comes to important things 🙂

  3. hey girl, the fact is, you’ve been in china less than a week and you’ve already gone for a couple runs. as hard as it felt, you did it!!! “i’m not gonna run in china, i’m gonna get slow and fat” AIN’t happening!! i’m proud of you. keep it up, babe 🙂

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