Why do you want to come to this school? 6.

The other day, my co-teacher and I were giving interviews to potential students. They ranged from awesome- one girl talked about her love of the show “Breaking the Prison” aka Prison Break (hey, me too…until season 3 then it went downhill, I lost her when I started talking about that), to OK interviews-“I like basketball” ( I understand, anything else you would like to say? No? OK) to really, really bad. One boy answered the question, “Why do you want to come this school” with the answer “6”.  Umm, I got nothing.

I’m learning how political the school system in China is.  I will write more on it later but basically depending on who your family is, it guarantees you a place in the program. It doesn’t matter how bad of a student you are or how little English you speak.  Money and power talk. How is this a communist country again?

Anyway, tomorrow we start class! Check out my  desk and my planner. So excited about this. I love agendas/ planners/ note-books. Have always wanted a teacher planner.

I am going to start introducing you to some of the characters in my town (at least the ones that I know won’t read this blog).

Meet Selvi.

Ex- Italian designer and artist. Now owns a wine shop in Tongxiyang, city of 600,000. 

Completely random?  Yes.  How thankful am I he is here? Very.

No idea why in a country of 1.4 billion people he chose this city to start his wine store, but I’m not going to complain. It’s really good wine! I think he wants to start a wine culture in China. 

 Selvi is someone you can only take in small doses. He chain smokes, drinks a lot, is hard to understand and says whatever is on his mind. He has also been married 3 times. Once to a lesbian in Vegas. Yes, he told us stories. No, I won’t share them on here. Use your imagination.

He likes to give us free wine because we make him so happy. His two Chinese business partners do not like that so much. Not sure how long this place will be in business.


In running news, I haven’t given up yet.  I ran on a treadmill. It’s just as brutal as I remember. The gym has no fans, I don’t think I have ever been that sweaty in my life and I am a sweaty girl so that is saying something.

Work-out #3- 5 minute warm-up/ 2X9 minutes @ 13 and 14 speed (no clue how fast that is, anyone?) 5 minute cool down.

Over and out my homies. Going for Korean food! Assssa.


3 thoughts on “Why do you want to come to this school? 6.

  1. I love love reading your posts makes me feel close to you. Keep it coming. Sounds like it is going to be a very interesting year. I have always says it is so much fun meeting new people everyone has an interesting story. Enjoy and keep us posted. Love xoxoxoxo

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