The most boring work-out in the world

2 X 3 miles around the track. I read about this work-out here and for some reason didn’t think it sounded that bad?

I blame this:

I was scared I would be stuck in a   9 day traffic jam . Look pretty similar, eh? Verrry slow moving.   I have also been running on a treadmill. Capital B-oring.

So, yah I thought this work-out could potential be OK. I didn’t have my Garmz but it felt like I was working hard, not really sure how fast it was. It seemed really long.  It was, in fact, boring.  I don’t recommend this work-out  but I do recommend  rewarding yourself by  buying songs from iTunes! 😉

PS: Today’s sign of the apocalypse: I have been put in charge of the cooking club. The first request was for roasted duck.  I don’t even own a toaster oven. I have eaten oatmeal for every meal today. Umm, help!?


2 thoughts on “The most boring work-out in the world

  1. I love reading your posts they always make me laugh. You may come home a new chef Ha My dream my kids cooking for me . You sound like you are grabbing the moments – keep it up Love ya hon xoxoxo

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