A long way to go for 12km…

4:30am– Alarm goes off.  Didn’t get very much sleep last night because I was so excited about the prospect of a running buddy, new route and long run. (Ok- just re-read that and realized how weird I am.)

4:45– Leave apartment. It’s pitch dark out. Hear a cat being mauled to death.  Seriously, the worst noise I have ever heard. I was so scared!  Care– you would have died.

4:47– Ask security guards to call me a taxi. (Actually, that’s a lie. I can’t even pronounce the name of the city I live in properly. I  just pointed to a piece of paper that said Jiaxing train station and hoped they got the message.)

4:50– No dice. But I did get to listen to some awesome Chinese pop on their cell phones…

5:00– Walk to the rotary in hopes of finding a cab.

5:15– We are off! Since I don’t have my passport right now I can’t take the bus. I had to take a 1/2 hour taxi ride to a nearby city to catch a train.

5:45– Arrive at the train station. So confusing. There are no places to buy tickets. I just start walking with people. Oh- this train is going to Hangzhou and the one on the other side of the track is going to Shanghai…and there it goes.

5:50– No worries. The internet said another train leaves at 6:17. I will catch that.

7:00– The internet lied. Over an hour of hanging out in a Chinese train station is not pleasant my friends. I think 5 people spit on my feet. Not on purpose but still!

7:17– There is a mad dash to line-up. I get swept into it. Grandmothers are leaping over chairs and butting in front of people. I wish I had my camera because there are no words to describe the insanity. People are intense about getting in line. We are all going to get on the train, relax.

7:18– Realize everyone in line has a ticket. Umm, oops? So maybe I’m the one who won’t be getting on the train…

7:20– Play the foreigner card and quickly sneak past the women collecting tickets. “What? Tickets? I don’t understand… we don’t use those in Canada.”

7:22– Realize that now I don’t have a seat on the train. Debate hanging out in the bathroom but then look in and see poop stuck in the squatter…

7:30– Wander up and down the train. Dammit, I am the only white person. Being sneaky is hard.

7:33– See a seat next to a guy that is creeping out  two Chinese girls. (In truth, I have no idea what he was saying but felt like he was creepy and by me sitting there I was helping them by taking some of the creepiness off them and onto me.)

7:35– No idea if the train I am on takes 45 minutes to get to Shanghai or 2 hours. Close my eyes and take deep breaths.

8:17– Yay! I arrived! Boo! I was supposed to meet my running friend at 8:00. Park is 45 minutes away…

8:20– Wander around the train station. It is Expo madness. Subway or taxi? Hmm… actually, I was just looking for a Starbucks.

8:30– MacDonald’s coffee will do. Hop in a taxi.

9:00– Still in taxi. Living in constant fear of being stuck in a 9 day traffic jam.

9:30– Arrive at park! Running friend is long gone. Pay 10rmb to enter the park. wth?

9:35– Good news- Don’t have to hide my change of clothes in a bush, the office will keep it.

9:40– Start running!!! It feels so good! Going pretty quickly too. 4:35-4:40/km pace.

10:00– Still loving the park. Goal is to do 3 reps of the 6km park loop.

10:25– 8km in and I start to die.

10:30– Stop. Uugh. Walk break.

10:40– Amelia, you didn’t come all this way to run 8km. Suck it up!!

10:45– Start running again. This time slowly. Oh- it’s way easier to run when you go slow. Hm..this isn’t so bad.

11:05– 4 more km’s. Annnd that’s all she wrote. Right hip and knee started to really hurt. Hope it was just because the pathway was cobblestone and uneven?!

11:15– Creep people out because I am soaking wet on the subway.

11:30– Meet friend and shop and eat delicious food!! Love Shanghai!

All in all,  I’m glad I got the work-out in even though it wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be and it was a journey and a half getting there.  I hope my running friend won’t be too upset I bailed and want to run with me again. I’m also excited of the prospect of running in this park. It was really pretty! Could definitely have used a little dose of the babe patrol to help with the running… and more importantly, the eating and shopping afterwards! 😉


9 thoughts on “A long way to go for 12km…

  1. I guess no one told you there is no such things as line up’s in China. It’s every man for himself. Just stick those elbows out and think big. Those grandma’s are tougher than they look.

    Dunno about your running, but your blogging has certainly improved since you crossed the Pacific!

    Nice job on the run! Although now I feel silly complaining about running to work in the morning when someone wakes up at 4:30am so she can run at 9:40am.

    Stay fast!

      • Yes, less than a month. Dave and Michael has inspired me to kick up the mileage. Will blog about that soon.

        And since you don’t get twitter over there in the land of line-butting grandma’s, I thought you would like to know you have been immortalized on Dave’s twitter feed… and I quote:

        “THIS is dedication (& hilarious) from one of my marathon clinic members now living in China! http://tinyurl.com/26ttfys (via @ameliafraser)”

        Some luv from the master jedi to get you out on those runs…

  2. AMELIA!
    I cant believe you journyed that far for a run.. you are h.c! However, the part about being estatic about finding new running friends I can relate to.. my newest fav is the RR clinic leader here name…. yup.. Dave! He is 65 and wants to move to the island for retirement.. we discussed the pros and cons of Comox as a retirement community.. wow., Babe patrol needs to take a roady here to get me and then we need to head to China!!
    Missss you.. hope all is well 🙂 Send me an email sometime.. alyson.schmidt@hotmail.com

  3. hey girl!
    the part when you were describing the madness in the train station and about the crazy grannies so made me laugh. i had a grandma who was equally crazy but for markdowns at superstore. oh granny….. so, i could TOTALLY picture what you were talking about!
    i hope it all works out with your running buddy! i wish you could beam over from china and back in a day and get a run in with babe patrol!! xo

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