Cooking Class #1

After I discovered that the school had a toaster oven, I debated going with the roasted Beijing duck but thought I’d better save the big  guns for later in the school year. 😉 Start slow, build up.  Life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon! Whoa, I just goggled the next line, didn’t see that one coming.  Ice Cube, inappropriate. Turns out I have been singing it wrong my whole life.  Actually, I think that’s true for about 90% of the songs I ‘sing’.

OK- Now I have that song in my head and am thinking about marathons. *Sigh*

Moving on to cooking class.  Since I can’t go on facebook read a lot of food and running blogs I thought this could be my chance to instill some healthy eating values onto my students… or just teach them to cut down on the oil.

After checking out a couple of recipes online, I remembered that I am lazy and don’t really know how to cook.  Teaching kids how to cook and be healthy= way too much work for this teach. What I did find though are the easiest peanut butter cookies in the world!  3 ingredients. Peanut butter, eggs and sugar. The recipe calls for 1 egg and a cup of sugar and pb but honestly it doesn’t  matter how much you put in, they still turn out awesome!  I surprised myself and I think the students were surprised too because I don’t exactly ooze kitchen confidence.  Wait until you see my “oven mitt”. (Carolyn can attest to this too, anytime I “baked” anything at home, she did most of the work or at least laid all the ingredients out for me. Thanks roomie, I miss you!)

We had to 'wing it' a lot... annd stop.

Egg, Sugar, PB ready to stir

This is when we all started to get a little nervous...I heard a lot of eeeew's. Mine was the loudest.

Couldn't escape the oil

Yay, they look edible!!

At least most of them did...

This is what I had to work with... oven mitt of champions

And the best part of cooking club? I make the kids do the dishes. 😉


Any recipe ideas for my next class?


5 thoughts on “Cooking Class #1

  1. Ha this is great – My dream my kids wanting to be cooks I bet you wished you had paid more attention to that meal that tasted so good or that bread that came hot out of the oven. You of little faith in your mother These skills always come back to haunt you Ha I think Carolyn should be a guest in your class and teach those kids how tomake some good bread. xo

  2. Meme, I just found your blog and I am in love! You seriously make me laugh 😀 good work not burning the place down with that oven mitt 😛

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