Marathon and Malaysia both start with M…


I think I might have a new favourite country.

Usually when I travel, something goes wrong. I’ve come to expect that things won’t go smoothly for me. I have missed flights, had food poisoning, traveled with an expired passport, bribed my way into a country, dealt with customs, gotten lost, had wallets stolen, lost luggage, had no money, no accommodation, been to hospitals… the list could go on. I have a tendency to ask for directions and not listen to the answers… it’s the same with people’s names. Why do you think I say ‘girl’ and ‘gf’ so much? ;). My mom used to tell me that I always learn the hard way, I like to think of it as life-lessons.

Things I’ve learned:

To always book a hostel or hotel the first night you are in a new city.

To always arrange airport pick-up.

To write down where you are staying and the telephone number.

To pick up cards from the places you stay in case you get lost.

To not throw your purse under a table at the bar.

To drink lots of water in the heat.

To get health insurance.

To not use my credit card in airport internet machines.

Keep numbers of people who speak the language with you at all times.

Write your name on your luggage.


Make sure the taxi driver sets the meter.

Call your credit card company and let them know you are traveling.

Don’t take short cuts. You are not good with directions.

95% of the time you have no idea where you are going, don’t pretend like you do.

To not go to Keith’s Crew the night before a flight.

That being said, my trip to Malaysia went very smoothly! The first person I met getting off the plane in KL was going to the same island (Mabul) as me. Small world! We were both staying at the same hotel before our next flights and took the bus there together. (This was so good because I had no idea there were 2 airports. I was totally at the wrong airport so my directions and airport pick-up were useless…at least I thought I was prepared?!)21 (2)Dan the Man. Obviously, he was this excited when we met.

On the bus, I met a couple from Australia who didn’t have a hotel. I jokingly told them they could stay with me if they didn’t find a room at our place. Turns out they couldn’t get a room. We ended up getting extra beds in my room and they paid for it.  Taking va-cay, making mon-ay.

The next morning I took an early flight to Tawau which is about 3 hours from KL. There I was picked up and headed to the shady town of Semporna to meet Kat! So happy to be re-united. We took a boat to Mabul which is a really small island I spent most of the week. (I somehow lost all my beautiful island photos :()

Malaysia 111


28 (2)

2 Malaysia 501

The big attraction here is the SCUBA DIVING. Sipidan is a little island about an hour away on boat that is constantly voted one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.  I ended up going on a lot of dives and they were all awesome.

6 9 (2) 10 (2) 7 (2) 12 (2) 16 1819 Malaysia 551

FYI: Taking pictures underwater is hard.

Island life was pretty sweet too. The scuba junkies who work there are all really cool, fun people. It’s such a chilled out life. Wake up, get on the boat, lead dives, drink tea, lay around, party, wear togas.  New life plan= become a Dive Master.

29 7 11 21 22 23 (2) 23 26 Malaysia 364 Malaysia 333 Malaysia 307


After I took the picture of the Mai Thai’s, everyone laughed and asked if I was going to take pictures of all my food too. *ha-ha. No, what am I, a tourist? Insert nervous laugh here.*  The food was decent  though. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all provided everyday- buffet, meal hall style. I defo recommend scuba diving and staying with scuba junkies if you ever found yourself rocking out in Mabul. It’s the best diving and accommodation for the lowest price.

Once I was solo in KL, I could take as tourist photos as I wanted. The food in Little India was awesome!


Immediately after I took this picture the guy beside me said: “You have no friends?” Thanks buddy. I proceeded to eat my feelings.


I did make a Malaysian friend who took me on tours of Little India and China town. C.M even walked me straight to my hostel! OK- that sounds creepy, but he was really nice!

Kuala Lumpur is an awesome city. I could see myself living there… first I need to learn how to take selfie photos though. Crazy eyes and double chins like whoa.

46 50 38 (3) 38 45

20 (2)

40 I even saw a lot of people running… and apparently a dude popping a squat for the camera? He looks like he is struggling. Yikes.  I had big plans to run in the morning but uhh, weird sh*t was going down in my hostel. GF needed to gtg asap.

Now I am back to the grind, am working 8 days straight because of the holiday. Yay. Don’t ask.

Over and out.


Big Boot-ay

PS: How awesome is this story?! I cannot even imagine.


2 thoughts on “Marathon and Malaysia both start with M…

  1. I love you so much. This post had me laughing so hard. I am jealous of your travels! glad you are having so much fun. I’ll write you soon.

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