Chinese Racing Season

About to head off to my first Chinese race! Pretty excited. Will be more excited if I actually make it there.

 Cooking Club 066Hope I have all my directions covered. 

It’s finally starting to cool off so running has been a lot better this week. I kind of did a reverse taper, took last week off and have been running this week. That works right?

It doesn’t really matter since I have not come close to running 28km since Vancouver but I figure a trail run is the ‘easiest’ way to get back into higher mileage.

I’m pumped for this race because:

1. You can walk up hills and not look like a wuss.

2. There is no pressure. I have no idea what a good time would be. I am aiming between 3:20 and 3:30 just because I like having goal times and the race director said a person who can run a 3:30 marathon will finish in 3:10. (Ah, I guess I do know what a ‘good time’ would be.)

3. It’s pretty. Running through mountains and trees is going to be so much better than growing a wrinkle (do you grow wrinkles?) every time I almost get hit by a car here in the city. (Note to self: Learn Chinese swear words. My dirty looks are just not cutting it.)

4. I am hoping to meet some new running friends. Asian Babe Patrol 2.0!! Can’t wait for the t-shirts.  I will need an XXXL.  (Just kidding, I’d give them a different name… Asian Sensations?)

Wise words from Ken: Remember to go all out on the flats and power hike the hills. Oh and gravity is your friend…except when its not.

Thanks for that… I think? Everyone go stalk his training runs.

Upcoming Races:

November 6th- Shanghai 10km. Goal time: sub 42

December 5th- Shanghai 1/2 marathon. Goal time: sub 1:35

I don’t think I am in PB running shape but I am feeling motivated by how awesome everyone did these past couple of weekends.  Here it goes!!


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