Cooking Class #2 and #3

As you all know, I am very lazy when it comes to food. I am way to impatient to wait for food to cook and always end up eating a meal before my real meal. (Pre-dinner dinner at 13th Ave was the best part of my day.)

Since I had already used up the easiest recipe I knew in cooking class and was going on an 8 day work week. I was extra lazy.  I thought it would be “fun” to take my students on a field trip to Wal-mart. They could buy their own food, and then there would be a contest to see who could make the best dish. (They were so excited because they had never been to Wal-Mart with a foreigner… I was touched.)

Things didn’t go exactly as planned:

Ahh Bromance…

I kind of want that man purse.


Girls spent a good 15 minutes here. I can’t judge, I love free samples.


Biggest mistake= introducing them to pre-packaged dinners. Stay tuned.


All the essentials.

8 (2)The real reason they were so excited for a trip to Wal-Mart. This zoom is paying for itself. I see you.  Lil buggers.

Things I wanted my students to buy but they wouldn’t:

8 Seed of Job’s Tears anyone? Sounds delish.

New Food and Expo 012

I mean when the main point in these sweet potato chips is that they contain rich nutriture (?) such as a vitamin and mineral you really can’t go wrong. I’ll try anything with a golden face that is crack and fresh.

New Camera and Oldies 1233

Next Thanksgiving Care.

Since all of my students bought pre-packaged food… I had the awesome job of keeping it in my fridge at home until the next class.


I also had the awesome job of convincing my students that it wasn’t really bad even though the date said expired…

10 Those dates are just an estimate right? 5 days past it’s still good?

Unfortunately, smells don’t lie. It wasn’t pleasant. I think we had to throw away about half the food. The other half ended up looking something like this… I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

28 11 14 15 25


All I have to say about this is that I’m reeeeaaally glad I made the librarian the taste-tester and contest judge.

I need help! What’s an easy cooking idea for next week?!


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