Cooking Class #4

This was probably the most un-climatic cooking class yet.  Turns out my students can cook better than I give them credit for. But I will take this opportunity to apologize to my mom for always opening the oven when she was cooking. I was definitely yelling at my students to: “Keep the door closed!! It won’t cook if you keep letting air in. They have not finished since you last looked… 10 seconds ago!” Turning into my mama already. Uh oh. Just kidding Mom!

Anyway, I was missing the Broadway Brunch Crew and decided to teach the kids the amazing-ness of Western style brunch…minus the Caesar’s…and that’s only because I couldn’t find clamato juice. 😉 Party people!! I mean I haven’t heard of a drinking age in China so it must be fine?

brunch crew

This cooking class did make me realize how weird the English language is.

Try explaining to Grade 10 ESL students that breakfast + lunch= brunch.


Bread when it is cooked is called toast. No, it’s not bread anymore, now it’s toast. (This was the most foreign concept for some reason, so I skipped the whole toasting part.)IMG_1177

Potatoes when you cut them up and put them in the oven are called hash browns… not french fries, hash browns.


Don’t even get me started on all the different names we have for eggs. We stuck with scrambled for this one.


Processed cheese, worth getting excited about. IMG_1178


When I quizzed them on what type of meal they were eating, they said sandwiches. Noooo, it’s brunch. English, why do you have to play me like this? 




One thought on “Cooking Class #4

  1. ahahah i love this. we finally got a microwave ps. can finally heat up some of that bread we made! i often have the egg dilemma at work for ESL customers, i just assume everyone wants over easy pretty much. no complaints yet.

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