The weekend I went to Halifax and had a Caesar

…sort of.

Friday was the GCA Halloween party. I know, I know. Settle down Amelia, getting cww-azy in China, partying with high school students, working on a Friday! Whoaaaa.

It was costumes, games, pizza Chinese style.

Turns out it’s not that different than Canada.


IMG_1186 Me throwing together a costume at the last minute. It’s open for interpretation.


Girls looking for an excuse to dress pretty.


Girls looking for an excuse to wear high heel sparkly shoes. I think their costume is open for interpretation too.


Boys looking for an excuse to dress like girls. Own it brothah.


Boys looking for an excuse wear make-up that has nothing to do with their costume?


My principal looking for an excuse to act like a 15 year old and eat MacDonald’s.


Girl changing her costume 10 minutes later because she looked too scary. (I’ve been there sistah, circa the gothic look 2007, scared myself.)


An excuse to eat lots of crap.


And to get your fortunate told by… Oreo’s? The first wealth is health.

IMG_1215 An excuse to play scandalous games… in a high school?! Can’t believe they vetoed  my idea of having students participate in a beer mile for this.


One of my students thought it would be a genius idea to BUY  a rabbit and a mouse for a touching station in the haunted house. Umm, NO! This guy was so scared he was pooping and peeing everywhere. I rescued him and kept him in the staff room but uh, not exactly sure where he is now…


I wish Eric’s stache was part of his costume… or better yet, Movember, but nope, he just thinks it looks good.


As if working Friday night wasn’t exciting enough… I headed to Nanjing for a post-secondary fair with the Grade 12’s on Saturday.


It was my personal goal to recruit as many students to Nova Scotia schools as i could. I strongly believe that the East Coast has the best universities in Canada.  Everyone in China wants to go to the University of Toronto… I don’t even know anyone at U of T?! But they think it’s #1 and the only option to bring ‘pride’ to their family slash you can get away with speaking Chinese the whole time.


Halifax!! I pretended I knew people in all of the pictures and pointed out Care’s house. 😉 I think I may have convinced one student… she can stay with your fam right Care?

Finally, on Sunday I headed out for some fun in Shanghai. We have a new high speed train in my city, so now it only takes 1/2 hour to get to the Hai… but  the train station is in the middle of nowhere. Oh, Tongxiyang, baby steps.

IMG_1235 IMG_1231 

It was my friend’s birthday and I kept telling her I wanted to take her out for a Western style brunch… with lots of Caesar’s and beer. When we arrived at the restaurant she picked out she was like, “look, you love salads right?! They have a great selection here.”

Oh, she thought I meant Caesar salad. Damn. It was still a really cool restaurant with a nice view of old parts of the city and new.

IMG_1237 IMG_1239 

This is a big week with mid-terms, marks due and 2 races… in 2 different cities. Oops.   At least I can rock my new Babe Patrol t-shirt!!


My main man and I are OUT.


One thought on “The weekend I went to Halifax and had a Caesar

  1. “The first wealth is health”… next to a plate of Oreo’s. Wouldn’t happen to be teaching them ‘irony’ in English class, would you?

    Oh, and I’ll just skip my rant on the peace signs 🙂

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