Triple Header: Shanghai Nike 10k

First up, Shanghai Nike 10km. I had planned on this race for awhile because I wanted to test out my fitness and see where I was. I was cursing  Nike  because the technical t-shirt’s were so small and the whole website was in Chinese. I was just like this is the worst race ever.  I had a friend register me and when we went to pick up the t-shirts they would not let me change sizes.  I am not a medium size Chinese person. What kind of race makes you wear the t-shirt?! Don’t they know that’s bad luck? My payback= I think I was the only person not wearing Nike sneakers. Muhaha. Showed you Nikey.

At least  I had my new babe patrol shirt to wear underneath. So sneaky they will never know. IMG_1252

The race was also super far away. While I was walking to the subway at 5:30am,  I thought to myself how peaceful and quiet Shanghai was at this time.  Then, I got on the subway and the person sitting next to me was picking his nose and the guy across from me kept spitting gross yellow boogers everywhere. Breakfast anyone?

Turns out it was more of a human race than an actually race, race. It was really well organized. I was very impressed. especially considering the amount of people there. I would guestimate there were over 1000.  I actually did a proper warm-up and then pushed my way up to a front coral and stood there for about 45 minutes. I think every official in Shanghai needed to say something before the race started. Definitely lost motivation.


Missed this warm-up.


Once the race started, it was pretty un-eventful. A slow start because of all the people and then everyone began to spread out. It was cool that the road was closed off in Shanghai but we were just running on a highway so it wasn’t a very pretty or interesting course. There were a couple of rolling hills but nothing crazy.

The highlight of my race was a Chinese man who ran with me.. At first there were a few of us together and then eventually it was just the two of us. (We can make it if we try?) He kept checking our pace every km with his stopwatch and I realized he was planning to run with me and push me to the finish. He didn’t speak any English and I don’t speak any Chinese so we just would smile at each other and he’d encourage me with thumbs up. Now that I think about it I probably should have told him to go ahead. Oops. It was really nice having him there or I probably would have slowed down.

Official time was 41:23 and 74th place. I think I was the second or third girl but there are not any rankings. I can only see my time and the number 74. It could mean anything. The girl I noticed running ahead of me ran just like Andrea!!  You may be on to something sister with that arm movement. She was speedy.

I found with this race I was never really in the zone and felt like I was struggling the whole time.  Out of shape? Smog?  It seemed longer than the half I ran the next day? Or that’s just what 10km’s are supposed to feel like. I just kept reminding myself that racing is supposed to be hard.

Since it was mostly a fun run there was a huge concert after the race but I had to take the 2 hour subway ride back to my hotel to get ready to head off to Hangzhou. 

Lessons Learned Observations:

It’s really hard to uh, relax pre-race when you have to go to the bathroom in a squatter.

Under no circumstance should it be ok to smoke cigarettes while watching a race.

I have become the person that doesn’t wait for people to get off the subway before they get on. I want a seat! And I still never get one.

Umm is this the same woman I met at the Expo?!

IMG_1257New Food and Expo 081

Maybe not.

I finally met a running crew that meets for long runs on Sunday mornings! (Everything else I’ve found have been Hashers aka crazy, drinking, running clubs. The emails they send out are not suitable for the blog…)

I am a slave to my Garmin.


Why can’t I remember to pump my fists in victory when I cross the line! Why do I care so much about stopping my watch?! I really want to run by feel and free like Aly but am too scared I will be going a lot slower than I think I am.

PS: There is my partner in crime.

If you go here and type in my name you can watch the finish!  I fist pump way too early.

Stay tuned for Hangzhou Half Marathon recap… my 15 minutes of Chinese fame.


7 thoughts on “Triple Header: Shanghai Nike 10k

  1. Oh my goodness. This is amazing. I am seriously enjoying stalking back through your blog for your travels. Running in China sounds like a hoot! They made you all wear the shirt?!

    And your 28 KM trail race recap? Amazing. I lol’d/sympathized the entire way through.

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