Triple Header: GCA Terry Fox Run

On Monday, I took 33 students to participate in GCA’s 1st Annual Terry Fox Run. One of my ‘teaching’ goals for the year was to organize a  a Terry Fox run at my school.  I emailed the international branch of the Terry Fox Foundation and explained we were a Canadian school that would like to organize a run with the proceeds going towards cancer research at local hospital.  They were so awesome! The women I emailed was so kind and you could just tell how much she loved and believed in the Terry Fox Foundation. She said that this year Terry’s spirit shined brighter than ever and they had record turn-outs across Canada and the world. I think the Olympics’ must have helped.

They sent the Terry Fox DVD, shoelaces, posters, tattoo’s, stickers, and certificates. I was pretty excited to get mail. (Hint Hint)  IMG_0734 

“Surprise” means I have no idea where we are going. IMG_0735

China has one of the highest rates of cancer in the world and I really wanted to stress that 1 in 3 people (persons?) will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.

In order to be allowed to participate, each student had to run 10km by Nov. 5th. I would meet with the students at 6am in the morning and we would run 1km.  Most of the grade 11’s and 12’s didn’t participate because they thought it was our way of tricking them into morning run which is supposed to be mandatory for all students. I  usually had about 8-10 students show up in the morning so I made my grade 10’s run in PE class. I love the young and naive.

We raised money by selling healthy food and t-shirts. (Sorry TF foundation but your t-shirts were $17 and made in China, couldn’t do it.)

IMG_1246 It was a hard sell convincing them that KFC was not a healthy food and no, we could not sell it at school.


One of the things I love so much about teaching in China is that there isn’t as much BS. In Canada, you aren’t allowed to sell food in school without signing 3094 forms and getting permission from everyone and their dog. In China, it’s so simple. Leave school, buy food, sell. Not sure why everything has to be such a big deal back home.

I left it up the the students to design and order the t-shirts. They looked awesome! (I am probably breaking every copyright rule in the world here, please don’t sue me.)

IMG_1248 Kids don’t get enough credit. They are capable of so much more then we think they are! (I feel old for saying that.)

The date was pushed back due to mid-terms and report cards until Nov.8th.

Road Trip!!

IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1296

The ‘”surprise” location was Hangzhou West Lake. Back to the scene of my half marathon the previous day.


Go Team!


And we are off…


And 5 minutes later it’s time for a walk break…


My “runners.” The new babe patrol: Aly, Care, Me, Andrea, Ev.


And then I got us lost…my left is just different than your left…


Pimpin’ ain’t ezzzz


The most awkward photo ever. This is as close as they would get.


You may think these are all students, one is our librarian… can you pick her out?


And as darkness begins to fall… the last ones finally make it back.


I was so proud of all the student’s who participated… their reward: KFC.

IMG_1312 IMG_1301 IMG_1292


3 thoughts on “Triple Header: GCA Terry Fox Run

  1. I’ll have to add ‘inspiring’ to my existing adjectives (‘hilarious’, ‘really hilarious’, ‘really really hilarious’) to describe your blog. Such a great thing you are doing exalting the spirit of Terry Fox all the way to China. I wish I had teachers like you when I was in school. And I need to get me some of that awesome red-white t-shirt action.

    But what’s the deal with me not being in the “new” babe patrol… I just see you and a bunch of Chinese guys with glasses… oh wait.. I get it… never mind 🙂

    Nicely done Ms. Fraser.

  2. Sheesh, you are doing some really cool stuff. I didn’t know that China had one of the highest cancer rates in the world. Do you mean that they have some of the highest *numbers* of cancer cases, or highest percentage of population? (I guess the term “rate” would indicate %pop, but I wasn’t sure…)

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