I think I know where Brit found her inspiration for her Circus album. A Tongxiang night club.

Tongxiang is a small (in China standards) city with 600,000 people.

I don’t usually stay here on weekends but if I do there is only one place to go dancing. Club Armani.

It was Silvo‘s last night in the Tong. (Alan you are too late!!) Unfortunately, he had a falling out with his business partner (hey, I totally called that 3 months ago) and is heading back to Italy to hang with Dolce and Gabbana. (Seriously, he claims they are his homeboys.)

I think the falling out might have had to do with the fact that he only wanted to have fun and drink with his friends. I probably sold more bottles of wine then he did.

Best part about him leaving: drinking a 300 euro bottle of wine!! I top off at spending 15 dollars for a bottle. This was legen (are you lactose intolerant?) dairy. Most expensive bottle  of wine I will ever drink.

It was really smooth but I didn’t really notice a big difference between my 100rmb bottle. Yikes. Maybe it’s because I was drinking out of a plastic cup? And taking a sip of one and then the other. Now that I think about it, that was stupid.

Silv’s last request was to go dancing with his friends. Or should I say  ma FRWIIEEEEEEEEENDS… in an Italian accent.


We walk into Armani and I am greeted with:

Balloon Animals. Nothing screams get yo party on like an R rated balloon dude. I think Gerry is excited.

Try grinding with him.

All I want to do is dance, not watch a dramatic soap opera.

The club can’t even handle this.

And there this is ol’ Silv’s… having the time of his life.

Can we just take a moment on this picture.

-The scarf

– The necklace

– The sweat

-The tight pink shirt

-The goatee/ mustache thingy. (Does he take time every morning to sculpt that?)

– He is probably yelling “Ma friiiiiends, I am so Aaappppy!!!”

I can only take him in small doses… like 10 minutes a week.

And this is why I go to Shanghai/ run races every weekend. I am not a fan of the circus… but I still love you Britney.





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