Things about this week

-Wordpress is now blocked in China. You’ll never censor me China!! muhaha

-Speaking of censorship, I’m embarrassed I said the word grinding in my last post.

Smog fog pollution Haze is what the kids are calling it these days is in full force. I got lost walking to the bus station!


– I had my first foot massage in China! Unreal. However, next time, I will have it post-race instead of pre.


– I attended the ghetto-ist “race expo” ever. It was in a custodian closet.


– I ran a half marathon last Sunday. I was super un-motivated  (Espresso gu does not have the same effect as real coffee) and psyched myself out at the beginning because everyone looked super hardcore. (Insert photo of Alan running here.

The course was in Suzhou along Tahiu lake which is kind of the middle of nowhere.


It was an OK race, I just didn’t feel like running because it was such a gloomy day and I was sleepy. (Who is on the Seasonal Affect Disorder train with me?) On the way back it was super windy… they were probably like taku winds.  OK, that would be a lie and it was more like a breeze. I just like to complain if conditions are less than perfect.

What is the proper drafting technique when running into the wind? Run behind someone? To the side a little?

Final time: 1:36/1:37ish. Meh. Still don’t have an official time. “It’s in the mail.”

I placed 5th but for some reason got a trophy and held the third place sign? I was confused. (I’m always a little confused here.) The race directors could not pronounce my name and I almost had a huge wipe-out  on my way to the stage. Memorable.

-The reason I am not getting any faster is because I am slacking big time on the track workouts. I find it really difficult to do speed work unless I am running around a track.

IMG_1291 3000 students exercising on the track + foreign girl running= too many stares for my comfort level.

– BUT…it’s still warm enough to run in shorts!

Life wise: I had a student begin a short story with the following line: “My buttock runs a risk.” Of constipation? Diarrhea?  Important questions that were not answered in this short story.

– I wore maternity pantyhose and  I think I might be on to something. So comfortable.

– Cooking club got a lil risk-ay and almost burnt the school down. Can’t believe I agreed to this.


– Chinese BBQ. We are gourmet.


– We couldn’t get the fire lit, so we had to resort to other methods. Only in China. I don’t even want to know why my grade 10 student had a bottle of vodka in his dorm room.


– I graduated from UBC! Woo Bachelor of Education!


This is for all the grads out there! Nikki and I had our own graduation ceremony  in Shanghai courtesy of 100rmb all you can drink. I think we made UBC proud…

– Happy Thanksgiving USA and Happy It’s One Month till Christmas Let’s Rock Out to N’Sync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 24/7 to everyone else!

– And most importantly…


Everyone can sleep better tonight knowing that I did not give loose to any pets.


4 thoughts on “Things about this week

  1. So many questions/comments/laughs for this post. WordPress is censored?! Haze so thick that you get lost?

    Seasonal Affect Disorder YES, I am going to need one of those fancy light machines to make it through the winter. Also, I would never be caught doing speedwork at that track with 50 zillion students exercising on the field. That’s crazy! Translation failures are the best. You must get to see a lot of them on signs around there. Your students sound like a lot of fun.

    Congrats on graduating!

  2. This post was awesome! It reminds me on many levels of a movie that I watched last night, Outsourced. Maybe you have seen it. Maybe it is blocked in China. It is about a guy who gets transferred to India and experiences some culture shock and some lost in translation moments. Pretty funny and quite realistic.

    I am convinced that I am experiencing SAD also, or at least a feeling of despair best described as “Oh crap, there is no daylight except for when I am at work and I am relegated to the treadmill.” The typical Indiana-in-winter gloom coupled with being assigned to the wrong time zone isn’t sitting well with me. I just want one hour of daylight before or after work, just one.

  3. i love your blog! i especially love the part about your student having vodka in his dorm. you must have one heck of a connection with your students if they are scoffing up this stuff! the little things we teachers discover…. i am finally catching up with the blog world now that my reports are done. ugh. i am so sad to say that i am not celebrating this occasion by coming to china and thailand and all wonderful places on your side of the world. i just bloody couldn’t get approved with the time off. i’m so sorry that i can’t be there in your part of the world for xmas. it would have been one hell of a holiday to remember. let me know what your plans are for when school is over. let’s chat!! i’m going to get my bottom of there sooner than later!

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