A weekend low and a couple of highs


#1. This weekend on the subway, a man came up to me and said, “Hello Gentleman!! How are you today?”

I figured he was just learning English and a little confused. (My students always get his and her mixed up.) So I answered him. “I am fine. How are you?”

“Oh, you are a lady!” He replied genuinely surprised.


Awkward smile.

“Yep. I am. Just sitting here…looking like a man.”

#2. All Most people around here have the same color hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Today, I was getting a pedicure at a really small, rural nail salon. The ladies working could not stop asking what color my eyes were. (I think saying blue- green sounds much better than hazel.) This wasn’t that out of the ordinary but what was funny was that they kept questioning why my co-worker and I had different color eyebrows! When you start to think about it, that’s a really hard question to answer.* Because… our parents have different color eyebrows? But why are their eyebrows different? Just because… that’s the way it works?  It just kept on going. The best part was they didn’t care about our hair color, just our eyebrows. I think the Chinese government might want to invest a little more moola into the  Biology curriculum.

*And by answer I mean my friend translated. I still only know like 7 Chinese words.*

#3. This week I started to get excited about Christmas.

I hate being away from home but snow always helps me feel the Christmas spirit. 

IMG_1511** I swear umbrellas are the best selling product in China. Sun, Rain, Snow. You name it, they umbrella it up.**

Followed by teaching children how to “cook” hot chocolate. (Which no one liked!They love processed chicken feet out of a bag, but hot chocolate with marshmallows is a not delicious.)


And the song Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N’Sync.  I think my sisters and I are the only ones who think this is the greatest Christmas song ever.  You can check out a cheesy vid I made of my family from last Christmas to hear the magic of N’ Sync.

#4- Running club championship re-cap to be continued. I love team sports.


2 thoughts on “A weekend low and a couple of highs

  1. I sort of almost feel personally offended that the hot chocolate wasn’t a hit.

    And holy crap. I would love to sit in on a Chinese high school-aged bio class on genetics. That’s actually a really interesting point. They can’t exactly do all those mendelian Punnett squares over eye color or hair color, can they? Weird…

    Story #1 = LOL. I feel like that would happen to me everyday in China.

  2. The man/woman confusion…ahhh…that sucks. I was mistaken for a man last year while snowboarding. (In the US, not even in China.) I ride a pink freaking snowboard. Needless to say, my ego was pretty crushed. I just never realized that I was all that manly.

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