Happy Holidays!

Dear Tongxiang Government,

I would have spell checked for free on Christmas!!



Love, Amelia

PS: I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with their loved ones 🙂

PPS:  The trick to living in a foreign country on Christmas is to stay busy… and pour a stiff rum and coke. 😉


– Wining and Dining at the 5- Star Hotel




– School Ball- All Out!!

Direct Quote from a student:

“Ms. Fraser- I need to miss PE class because I won’t have enough time to pick up my suit, get my hair done and my facial before the dance starts.”

Me- “Uh, no you don’t?”

IMG_1631 IMG_1635


-Christmas Dinner for the foreigners.

IMG_1668 IMG_1658 IMG_1664

IMG_1666IMG_1676 Only in China is it ok for a teenager to smoke on stage.   IMG_1678


– Token white girl at a middle school Christmas Party.

Being told you are going to perform in front of 700 students 5 minutes before you go on stage is scary. It’s especially scary when you have zero musical or dancing talent. Welcome to my new show: “How Well Do You Know Canada and Christmas!?”


IMG_1590 IMG_1578




Annnnd party, party…




IMG_1651 santa's helper



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