Where Have I Been?

Some of you may have been wondering. (Actually, if my Facebook notifications are any indication, the only comments I am receiving are those from this pic my sister posted of my dad. )

dadyager Drew Fraser. Party Boy.

That vest might have been the best bar win ever.

Anywhoizzle, my VPN (Virtual Private Network, scandalous!) has not been working. I have not been able to access facebook, blogs, twitter, basically any form of social media that China is scared of.  I have been such a good teacher this week! IBut I am back!

This is what I have been up too:

Trying to stay warm.

This is like my part time job. I am constantly thinking about how I can incorporate more layers into my outfit. The temperature may read –10 but I am chilled to the bone! The Chinese have tons of tricks for staying warm. Electric feet warmers, electric hand warmers, space heaters, butt heaters, stomach patches, fuzzy slipper in-sole thingys. You think of something warm, they are selling it on the street. Oh… except INSULATION. I can see my breath inside my apartment. I pretty much just wear the same thing everyday because getting changed is the worst. I max out at 2 showers a week.

Running Club Championships.

12 running clubs competed in Shanghai a few weeks ago. The race was a relay where 3 girls and 7 boys competed for each team. Everyone ran 6km except for one girl from every team who ran 9km. I ran the 9km leg for my team which was a 3km out and back 3 times.


I think they may have regretted their decision when they realized I was planning on speed-walking the whole race. And looking really un-happy. Seeing everyone finishing at the 6km mark and having to continue on did not bring out the best in me.

I finished my leg in 38:24. Andrea’s running twin beat me once again. I hate that feeling at the beginning of a race when you know there is someone way faster than you. Not that I ever expect to win, I would just prefer to be naive.

She also totally pulled the ol’ swim team trick of getting out of the water as soon as you were finished a set to look like you have been done forever. Except she started her cool down run in the racing lane as soon as she was finished. I was very jealous as I tried to kick to the finish and watched her slowly jog past.

I felt a little better when she told me she ran a 3:05 marathon and it was really hard to PB in China due to the crowds. I felt really lazy when she told me she ran 20km everyday before work. And she has a child.

Despite my second place finish, our girl’s team came first! The boys came 7th but with our times added up, my club was 2nd overall.

I had no idea what was going on, but jumped up and down and screamed when everyone else did. It was exciting.

so excited

Go Team!



I headed off to Beijing to visit a friend for NYE.

Last time I was in Beijing, I was watching the man win Olympic gold.

49 52

And being really cultural.


This time I was eating Cheetos.

IMG_1711 Their delicious-ness is under-rated.


After the club relay, I kind of lost motivation to run.  After seeing (reading?) Andy and Aly in the blog world I’m ready to get back into it.

On Saturday, I attended a running practice with a coach from another team.

The work-out was supposed to be as follows:

-Sets of 800’s

-3km speed

– 8km LSD

-All around a track!!

I was dreading this work-out big time. Especially because I was hung-over and the practice didn’t start until 2pm. That’s prime hang-over time.  Also, I had never run 8km around a track at one time. I was also the only one complaining which I found odd. People actually like running 20 laps around a track?! I wanted to yell at them that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can run on the road! Once you get past the initial fear, scooters really aren’t that hard to dodge.  No one listened. Probably because they couldn’t understand me.

We ended up not doing the 800’s but did a lot of drills. 2 hours worth. Drill boot-camp. Does pushing against a wall and running on the spot help ones form? Is this a secret drill I have never heard of?  Then ran the 3km (11:43) and 8km which wasn’t too bad once you get past the first 7km…

Aiight. I think that is it. Let’s see if I have officially beaten the system.


5 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. 2 things:
    1. i have twice seen a guy wearing that jagger vest in the past 2 weeks in DT vancouver.
    2. really missing you lately! living with 2 boys is weird. xoxox

  2. I hate running laps around the track!!! I would’ve been complaining too. Probably more about the 2 hours of drills than the laps. Congrats on the running club championships and on sneaking through all the barriers to use scary social media!

  3. The running clubs there seem to do a lot of strange workouts! Glad that your VPN is fixed (it seems) so that you can post more great stories from China!

  4. So, I understand why you wouldn’t want to run around the streets in a big group and get squashed by a car, but WAHH that’s a lot of time on the track. Not to mention the drills. Is this a Chinese thing? I know sprinters do like five hours of drills, run 300 meters and call it a day, but I always thought distance folks get a pass on that nonsense. By the time I’m done with drills, I’m too tired to work out well (I tell myself).

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