It’s official!


Great Wall, you are my Everest.

Olympics! 047

I am running the Great Wall Marathon on May 21st!

42.2km, 3800 steps, altitude, humidity, heat, a 50% increase in marathon time, rising 300m in 1km at the 35km mark, crawling to the finish.

These are some of the things I have to look forward too…

Who wants in?



I’m running mostly for the experience but I want to finish un-injured so my training plan loosely follows this:

1 long run

1 tempo/speed/fartlek

1 stair work-out (17 flights of stairs in my apartment- increasing a set each week)

1 medium distance run/ stair + run /incline run

1 10km run

“Luckily,” China is really un-accessible. There are stairs everywhere! I think increasing my leg strength and building up my endurance are the two most important factors in training.

Technically I started training last week but am headed to Thailand for 3 weeks next week so basically the next month is a write-off.

If only a tan could make you run faster.

Any tips from runners/ marathoners/ ultra-runners out there??


5 thoughts on “GWM

  1. How awesome!

    When I was a kid, my dad brought me a “I Climbed the Great Wall” t-shirt and I always thought it was a lost in translation phrase. “What do you mean you climbed the wall? You just walk on top of it.” Only when I visited the Great Wall did I understand that walking on top did involve quite a bit of climbing.

    Good luck with your race, I’m super jealous!

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