Where do I begin?

Where do I begin when I have not blogged for 2+ months?

I could begin at the Harbin Winter Ice Festival in January where I acted like a Russians and witnessed some of the biggest and best ice sculptures ever.


 But then my flight was delayed and I spent 12 hours getting back to Tongxiang and ended up being dropped on the side of the highway to catch a taxi… at 2am.  (Hi Mom and Dad!)


 I could begin with the NIGHT BEFORE I left for holiday where I proceeded to lose my purse with my wallet, cell phone, credit card, keys and all my money for traveling.

But it turns out you don’t really need a credit card to travel. And I am really good at breaking into my apartment. Hey! It’s not an Amelia holiday if things go smoothly.


I could begin with my 3 week trip to Thailand where Linds and I hit up 5 islands on the South and West coast…


The best of Thailand included scuba diving, tanning, eating, hiking, a massage a day and beautiful, beautiful places and faces.

Thailand Neg

The worst hilarious parts of Thailand included a hair dye job gone very wrong, rain, anytime we had to take a night bus, anytime we had to leave an island, getting lost, fireworks, lady boys, ear wax, sunburns, protests, bugs and bug nets and Black Moon Party. Seriously. I have a whole post reserved for the hippies of Thailand.

But I came home, my tan faded, my dark roots appeared and I had a lot of work to do.


I could begin with my return back to running.

Thailand 2011 324 But wearing cheap flip-flops in Thailand gave me a case of the tendonitis.


I could begin by telling you that Chinese medicine is amazing, acupuncture cures everything and a deep tissue massage will fix any injury. 

But it turns out the real cure is rest.


I could begin by sharing the story of a 10km walk I took with 1000 grade 10 students to the biggest silk factory in the world.


But students started passing out on the side of the road. It was torture. And silk factories are not exciting.

However, I think the company really understands Canadians.



I could begin with my experience strawberry picking in China.

IMG_2661 But I ate 5 pounds in 2 days and my stomach still hurts.


I could begin by teaching you all how to be English geniuses.

Repeat after me: I. Am. An. English. Genius.

english genuis

But I think it’s a cult.


What I will begin What I will end with is my experience running the Old Shanghai Half on Sunday. When I say old, I mean I was one of the youngest people by a good 45 years. The run was held by the Nanjing Road Running Club which is the oldest in Shanghai. The race was really, really small and you could choose how many 4.4 loops you wanted to do.  It felt more like a tempo long run than a race and I finished in 1:42. It felt surprisingly good for only running 20km once since Christmas. 

Inspiration= running beside an 80 year old woman carrying an umbrella. If she can still get out there and run, anyone can.

Old Shanghai Run


I have a race every weekend in April. It’s running season! Good Luck everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?

  1. Agreed with Andrea and wow, I can’t imagine losing your belongings and still manage to have such an awesome vacation!!

    Glad to hear you are able to run again and that’s an awesome half coming off an injury and very little base – I am sure you’ll be even more speedier in no time! Keep it up!

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