The Good, The Bad

The Good: I had a great 10km stair/tempo run workout on Thursday.

The Bad: It left me very dehydrated.

The Good: I rehydrated with Happy Hour.

The Bad: I woke up dehydrated again. 

The Good: Meeting a friend in Shanghai for a long run.

The Bad: Having to run 30km hung-over.

The Good: Shanghai= Costa Coffee, Gatorade, lots of water!

The Bad: Someone STEALING your water and Gatorade 5km into your run!

The Good: Making it to 20km without any water.

The Bad: Constantly repeating I need water, I need water, I need water to your running buddy from kilometre 20-25.

The Good: Seeing a nice looking women offering you a water bottle outside the park.

The Bad: Turns out she is charging for this bottle. You have no money. You have already drank half. Played the confused foreigner card.

The Good: Re-hydrated and back in the game.

The Bad: Drinking water too fast does not feel good.

The Good: First 5, 5k loops were all fairly consistent between 25 and 26 minutes.

The Bad: The last 5km was completed in 33 minutes. Slow and painful.

The Good/Bad: Fall asleep at 8pm on a Saturday night.

The Good: Sunday’s 8km race doesn’t start till 9:30. Lots of time for coffee.

The Bad: Coffee does nothing, still tired. Want this to be over with asap. Must wait 30 minutes for children to run a 2km.

The Good: Watching children and families run 2km. So cute!

The Bad: There are 6000 people trying to line up for the start. Elbows up!

The Good: I did not get trampled at the beginning.

The Bad: It feels difficult right away.

The Good: We run through a very Western part of Shanghai. Lots of families oot and aboot, kids playing soccer, men drinking on patios. Just like home.

The Bad: I contemplated quitting every 30 seconds. Running fast is so hard.

The Good/Bad: Being a Western girl means Chinese men want to run with you… and won’t let you quit.

The Bad: Teams should put the flags away before they start running. Flag in face is not fun. 


The Good: They gave slap bracelets to the first 50 runners. Those things are illegal in Canada!


The Bad: I ran a 8km in 35:10. My goal was under 34.

The Good: I was the 4th girl.

The Bad: I had to wait 2 hours for the awards ceremony to watch a hot dog eating contest, a fancy dress competition and a wannabe Lady Gaga perform scandalous dance moves.


The Good: Top 10 finishers get prices.

The Bad: Top 3 got trophies and sneakers. I got a towel.

The Good: Racing is always fun when it is over.



The really, really Good: One of my best friends and summer sistah is biking across America in honour of her father and to raise money for the American Lung Association. Her blog is so good. It’s real and will make you laugh and cry. Check it out and donate if you can.



6 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad

  1. Hi! Just ran my first 10K of the year and was waiting for awards to start when I thought–it sure was more fun at Summerfast when I had running friends to wait with.

    Glad to see you’re still racing and doing well. Congrats on a solid time.

  2. I am living in Ottawa right now. Future to be determined after June. You know my email–keep me posted on your plans. If you’re in TO, I’ll try to drive down and meet you.

    PS–2nd!! 37:27.

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