GWM: Ready or Not, Here I Come

I wrote this before I left and it didn’t post. Now I am about to fly home. 5 hours and 19 minutes later the marathon is over! It was really hard but I think that was because I wasn’t prepared.  It was also really, really awesome.  I would recommend this race to anyone.

I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Beijing for the Great Wall Marathon. EeeeeAhhhhhOuuuuuu.

To be honest, I’m feeling a little nervous. I think because I’m  under-trained. I’ve done a lot of stair work-outs but not enough long runs. I have also been tapering for almost 3 weeks now. Oops.  I just like going fast so much better than I like going long. I’m already looking forward to training for a 10km at home in July with my dad.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am running this for the experience and I should take it all in but my competitive side wants to do well. I feel like every race I have run lately I have wimped out because it has been a “training” race for this one.

Example: A little half marathon in Yangzhou a couple of weeks ago that I never blogged about…. because it was really bad.

It began with a ROAD TRIP with my Chinese running team.  CRAZY. PARTY.  HUBBA HUBBA. What happens on the bus… stays on the bus. (You all want it to stay that way, I had to listen to 40 people introduce themselves in Chinese while I tried to sleep). Chinese people gone wild!

Anyway, it was great traveling with a team because I didn’t have to worry about anything. My Chinese friends were happy too because I didn’t have to call them every 5 minutes to translate.

My only critique was the food selection. Chinese food is very, very oily. I can handle one or two meals a week but eating Chinese food all weekend left my stomach feeling pretty upset. It’s partly my fault because I love trying the traditional foods of different places so I couldn’t turn down this dumpling.


Ya, sucking up pork fat with a straw is probably not the best pre-race meal.

Yangzhou was a really beautiful city and  we spent the day before the race walking around a really expensive park.


The morning of the race itself was a little stressful because I did not have a BANANA!! The horror. I need my banana to succeed. Frazzling.

The race was the most organized Chinese race I have run yet. It was a great course and there were school children all along the route cheering us on. Probably just like the Boston Marathon. 

For me, I started off feeling great but large crowds stress me out and I went out way too fast. I thought I could hold off for the 21km but around 14km I became really dizzy. I started walking and then people yelled at me to “keep figh-ting” and I got annoyed so I left the course.  I wanted to drop out but about 10 minutes later I realized the only way back to the start was too run  so I had to re-join the route. Meh. 1:45 later I was finished.

medying Please note all the Chinese people having the time of their lives stretching and me in the corner with a towel over my head being depressed.


Blew that one. At least the team photographer was there.

team2 postrun postrun2 team 

Here’s hoping GWM goes a little better.


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