Characters on the Wall

I really wish I had thought to dress in a costume or at least wear some Canadian gear, there were so many people dressed up in awesome costumes and supporting their country. (I did get interviewed by ESPN and gave a shout out to the babe patrol!)

These were a few of my fav’s:

Great Wall Marathon 052 Marathon Maniac’s: This was a couple from the states who had run 163 marathons. They were flying home Monday and going to compete in 2 more marathons next weekend! In order to be a maniac you have to run 3 marathons a week at some point. They are awesome. 

Great Wall Marathon 053 Team South Africa: These guys actually became my friends at about 35km as we struggled to climb up the wall  the second time. 

Great Wall Marathon 057 Brazilian Brothers.

Great Wall Marathon 059

Slipper man: I thought he was just going to run barefoot until I saw the chip fastened to his shoe. HC.

Great Wall Marathon 043 And of course, my Vancouver girl representing the Canucks!

Great Wall Marathon 184  Proof that the Wilderman and I actually completed the race.


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