Great Wall Marathon: Pre-Race

It’s  ovaaaaaaaah!! I don’t know how to sum up the whole experience except that it was really, really cool.

Getting out to the wall was a little like the Amazing Race. We were in a mad dash to find the Great Wall office to pick up our kits and catch the bus on time.


After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived at the wall. The race itself was really organized but pre-race was chaotic. Leading up to the race I constantly had to transfer money and half the time it wouldn’t go through. China does not believe in credit cards.  Arriving at the Great Wall we weren’t sure where we were staying or where to go.

Great Wall Marathon 003

More importantly, I wasn’t sure what we were going to eat. At the hostel check-in, I saw a girl with 5 pizza boxes. I was all, “Sa-weet, we can order pizza to the Great Wall of China!!! Hellooo 21st Century!” Ya. No, you can’t. Those girls were smart and brought food in advance. There are slim pickings on the wall peeps. We found our hostel and they told us they didn’t have any food either. Being prepared is not my motto.

At least where we stayed was beautiful.

IMG_3158 IMG_3151


We eventually found Chinese food and laid around watching The Notebook all night. You know, a typical pre-race, pump-up movie.

The morning of the race was FREEZING.  Being the horrible ex-Brownie I am, I was not prepared at all.

We had to be at the start 1 hour and 1/2 early and everyone was standing around freezing their buns off.

Great Wall Marathon 023

It was awesome to see hundreds of people from all over the world gathered together in costumes and country colors.


I don’t know if people felt more united over traveling so far to run on the Great Wall or the fact that we had to use side by side squatters. Wide-open.

90% of the female runners saw my bootay pre-race. No shame.

Great Wall Marathon 046

The 5km runners were taken to the wall and started 30 minutes before us.  Then it was time for the first corral half and full marathons to line up. Just as we were about to start the sun came out…

Great Wall Marathon 066


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