Broken Back= Back to Blogging

Today, I received one of those WordPress blogger statistic emails that compares your blog views to how many people died on the Titanic (not really but it was something about a boat).  Anyway, it got me thinking about this ol’ blog of mine which I mainly avoid because I HATE reading what I wrote (it is so embarrassing) and the fact that I recently broke my back. This means I have a lot of free time and am slowly going crazy. It also means I constantly read about other people’s injuries and recovery and become paranoid that I will be in pain forever and never run again. I do realize that reading about how a 60 year old man recovered from a back fusion on a completely different part of his back is not how I will recover but I can’t stop! 

 I want to start blogging again so that I can document my recovery to keep family and friends informed.  I also hope that my experience will either help someone going through a similar injury or be a huge DO NOT DO WHAT I DID. Everyone cross their fingers for me. 

That’s all for now. It’s +1 in the Yukon today. I have to go stand outside without 14 layers on and soak in the darkness. 

Next, I will tell you all about what it is like to break your back while on vacation in Mexico. 




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