Mexico- Whitehorse- Vancouver: Part 3

I don’t know why I am taking 10 years to write about my injury. I am going to speed this whole injury re-cap process up because I want to post about happier subjects like recovery and new goals. Also, I get really emotional thinking about it and that’s not fun. I also get really emotional during The Amazing Race (the dad and son team!!) and The Biggest Loser (don’t even look at me when Bob is telling a contestant how amazing they are) so maybe I am just overly sensitive lately.

Let’s break it DOWN.


– Went back to the resort with my ‘muscle spasms’ after the Mexico hospital and everyone gave me advice on what to do. Felt like huge wimp because a pulled back muscle was causing me so much pain.

– Forced myself to lay out and try swimming to ‘loosen’ up.

– Tried pain killers, herbal meds, muscle relaxers, ice, creams, (ice cream, har har) EVERYTHING! I would think for a minute that maybe it was helping but it wasn’t.

– 2 days later, we head out. Sitting in a plane for 4+ hours was not fun. I just tried to knock myself out with pain meds so I could sleep.  I knew something was really wrong when I had left my family and was on my way back to Whitehorse and couldn’t stand up anymore. My luggage was also over-weight so that was fun.

– Arrive home  at 1am and collapse in bed. The next morning, Manuel takes me to the ER.

– When the doctor looked at my x-rays from Mexico, right away he said that it looked like it was broken. I went and took more x-rays and afterwards the doctor told me to lay down and not move at all. My back was severely broken.

– I was stuck in this strange spinal board since the other boards were being used.It was like a cone that clipped underneath. It kept pinching me!

–  I was given a CAT scan. When the doctor came back with the results he asked me if I was ready to see it. Umm ya, sure?! My vertebrae was shattered and there were bone fragments everywhere.

– So now I can’t stop crying. Even though I could walk this whole time when the doctor told me I may become paralyzed I was so scared. All my doctors and nurses were so, so kind and sweet to me. This was the first time I had ever broken anything/ been in the hospital for an extended period and I cannot say enough good things about these people.

– Then, I was medevac to Vancouver. The only thing I can really remember about that was that my butt was too big for the spinal board and it was a very uncomfortable 3.5 hour flight.

– I hung out in the ER for a while with my family (so lucky they live in Vancouver) and had a lot of tests done. Lots of movement and circulation tests were done. Push your foot up, now down, etc. Then I got to sleep on the spinal floor with really comfy pillows.

– First thing, Monday morning I had surgery. My doctors were AMAZING. My head doctor was a neurologist and spinal surgeon. He fused together the 2 vertebrae above and below T7 so that it was secure.  IMG_2862

– I’ve been told so many times how lucky I am and I really feel that way. My bone had been shattered and there were little bone flakes everywhere.  The fact that they didn’t cut into my spinal cord and cause neurological damage is amazing.

– Also, I have the best friends and family I can’t get over how lucky I am.


So that is what I went through 3+ months ago! Now it’s recovery time.



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