Winter Cabin-ing

Due to my injury this winter, I haven’t had a chance to participate in all the ‘fun’ winter activities in the Yukon. (Fun is very subjective because how much fun can one reaaaaallly have in -30?) The long Easter week-end was the first time I really got out and enjoyed the beauty of the North.

Travel: Manuel, myself and our friends Shelly and Gil rented a cabin through Cabin Fever Adventures for the weekend.Image

We parked about 35 minutes out of town and hiked in 6.3km to an AWESOME cabin in the woods. It was seriously so perfect! Like a secret gem we had discovered.

The walk into the cabin was fun… for me.Image

Poor Manuel, had to carry our sled in and the first 2km were straight up-hill and on really un-even terrian. The sled kept tipping over and I was supposed to be watching to warn him but uhh, the scenery was really pretty and I am very easily distracted. It was a miracle we didn’t break up on the way out.


The cabin was secluded on a lake that’s stocked with Arctic Char. The family who runs Cabin Fever Adventures used to live out there so it was fully stocked with everything you would ever need. I loved rubbing this in Manuel’s face because he insisted on bringing our own camping supplies and therefore he had to lug an even heavier sled.


Our strenuous weekend activities included ice fishing, snow shoeing and practicing our sling shot aim. (Discovered I have none, shocking.)




Plus, melting snow for water. You have this huge pot of snow and it melts to about 1 cup. Worst! We had to re-fill like every 5 minutes.


Eat: We ate delicious food all weekend, lots of bacon!


One of the highlights was an Italian meatball recipe that Manuel found from watching Best Recipes Ever.


Run: I tried snow shoe running for >100m. It’s really hard especially with a drink in hand.


All in all, a very fun and successful weekend away from the ‘city’ and my back felt great the whole time. I think this will become an Easter tradition.


PS: I know it’s spring in most places but it’s winter in the Yukon until at least May.


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