Winter Cabin-ing

Due to my injury this winter, I haven’t had a chance to participate in all the ‘fun’ winter activities in the Yukon. (Fun is very subjective because how much fun can one reaaaaallly have in -30?) The long Easter week-end was the first time I really got out and enjoyed the beauty of the North.

Travel: Manuel, myself and our friends Shelly and Gil rented a cabin through Cabin Fever Adventures for the weekend.Image

We parked about 35 minutes out of town and hiked in 6.3km to an AWESOME cabin in the woods. It was seriously so perfect! Like a secret gem we had discovered.

The walk into the cabin was fun… for me.Image

Poor Manuel, had to carry our sled in and the first 2km were straight up-hill and on really un-even terrian. The sled kept tipping over and I was supposed to be watching to warn him but uhh, the scenery was really pretty and I am very easily distracted. It was a miracle we didn’t break up on the way out.


The cabin was secluded on a lake that’s stocked with Arctic Char. The family who runs Cabin Fever Adventures used to live out there so it was fully stocked with everything you would ever need. I loved rubbing this in Manuel’s face because he insisted on bringing our own camping supplies and therefore he had to lug an even heavier sled.


Our strenuous weekend activities included ice fishing, snow shoeing and practicing our sling shot aim. (Discovered I have none, shocking.)




Plus, melting snow for water. You have this huge pot of snow and it melts to about 1 cup. Worst! We had to re-fill like every 5 minutes.


Eat: We ate delicious food all weekend, lots of bacon!


One of the highlights was an Italian meatball recipe that Manuel found from watching Best Recipes Ever.


Run: I tried snow shoe running for >100m. It’s really hard especially with a drink in hand.


All in all, a very fun and successful weekend away from the ‘city’ and my back felt great the whole time. I think this will become an Easter tradition.


PS: I know it’s spring in most places but it’s winter in the Yukon until at least May.


On a Monday in China…

Get picked up from school in a BMW. Act cool. You do this all the time.


Try not to let your mouth hang open when you see this office. Mom: 2 words. Massage chair. Christmas is only 362 days away. It’s never too early to start planning.

. IMG_1530 IMG_1528 IMG_1529

Stock up on mini oranges and pears. Making $$ peeps.


Load up on seafood and oil.

IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1541

And pretty much every other food known to China.


But don’t look to the left. Leftovers anyone?


Your glass will never be empty. Not even room for a drop.


And gumbay (one shot) red wine like that’s how it should be enjoyed.


Leave your morals at the door and plan on re-gifting. :S


Smile and nod when a 50 year old man tells you he has a wife… and a ‘secretary.’ But no, you are not looking for a new job.


Blackmail your co-workers.


All at the courtesy of a student’s parents.

That makes for an awkward, hung-over Tuesday at school.


What up students!!!


I think I know where Brit found her inspiration for her Circus album. A Tongxiang night club.

Tongxiang is a small (in China standards) city with 600,000 people.

I don’t usually stay here on weekends but if I do there is only one place to go dancing. Club Armani.

It was Silvo‘s last night in the Tong. (Alan you are too late!!) Unfortunately, he had a falling out with his business partner (hey, I totally called that 3 months ago) and is heading back to Italy to hang with Dolce and Gabbana. (Seriously, he claims they are his homeboys.)

I think the falling out might have had to do with the fact that he only wanted to have fun and drink with his friends. I probably sold more bottles of wine then he did.

Best part about him leaving: drinking a 300 euro bottle of wine!! I top off at spending 15 dollars for a bottle. This was legen (are you lactose intolerant?) dairy. Most expensive bottle  of wine I will ever drink.

It was really smooth but I didn’t really notice a big difference between my 100rmb bottle. Yikes. Maybe it’s because I was drinking out of a plastic cup? And taking a sip of one and then the other. Now that I think about it, that was stupid.

Silv’s last request was to go dancing with his friends. Or should I say  ma FRWIIEEEEEEEEENDS… in an Italian accent.


We walk into Armani and I am greeted with:

Balloon Animals. Nothing screams get yo party on like an R rated balloon dude. I think Gerry is excited.

Try grinding with him.

All I want to do is dance, not watch a dramatic soap opera.

The club can’t even handle this.

And there this is ol’ Silv’s… having the time of his life.

Can we just take a moment on this picture.

-The scarf

– The necklace

– The sweat

-The tight pink shirt

-The goatee/ mustache thingy. (Does he take time every morning to sculpt that?)

– He is probably yelling “Ma friiiiiends, I am so Aaappppy!!!”

I can only take him in small doses… like 10 minutes a week.

And this is why I go to Shanghai/ run races every weekend. I am not a fan of the circus… but I still love you Britney.




Expo 2010: Not quite the same as the Olympics

Happy Mid-Autumn Week!! Mid-autumn happens all over the world but in China we get a holiday for it. (Canada- take note.) It happens during the first full moon of September, or something like that? All I know is we get time off work…and lots and lots of mooncakes.

The school had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off but we had to work all weekend… so I’m very confused to what day it is.

On Tuesday (I think), we headed up to check out Expo 2010. I had heard a lot of horror stories about line-ups and the masses of people but felt like the Olympics had prepared me for epic tests of line-up endurance and cultural events.

I realized there were were some common themes to the Expo and Olympics.

Common theme: Ugly hats and line-ups.

Olympic line-ups went something like this:

New Camera and Oldies 087

Making besties in line, sipping "coffee"

Expo line-ups were more like this:

I might pee my pants

I might pee my pants


 Once you make the commitment to a line, you are in it for the long run. No where to turn, no chance to sneak to a bathroom.  I had to get a special pass once I got in a little closer because I didn’t think I would make it! (I was given 1/2 hour, not really sure what they thought I was going to do in there…) PS: Despite “posing” in a pic with me, the women beside me did not become my bestie. I think she probably pushed me down a few minutes later to get a few people ahead. Whatever happened to the ‘I got yo back’ mentality of the Olympics? No one was butting in front of our peeps. I think I need to start embracing ‘elbows’ up’ in all aspects of my life, not just when runners are trying to pass me.

To be honest, I have never really known what the Expo is all about. (I’d always pretend I knew what was going on when my parents talked about it.) What it is, is basically a world exhibition; kind of like an interactive tourism ad for a lot of different countries around the world.

Common theme: German House

My co-workers said that German house was supposed to be one of the best houses to check out and since I consider myself partly German I was down. The line-up was only about 2 hours long since we were there pretty early but later on in the day it was 6 and 1/2!!

German house was also one of my favourite places during the Olympics. This is what I thought Germany was all about:

2 (2)

I guess this is what Germany is really all about:

View Germany House

Despite the lack of red and white, I was actually really impressed with the German house. They focused on a ‘balancity” which embraced environmental technologies, city planning, and greenspace.  It was hard to take pictures inside but it was cool to see all the new and old inventions Germany has come up with and what they are trying to do for a more sustainable world.

Common theme: Food and Beer

Like the Olympics where I drank beer and ate nachos for every meal. (Ya’d think watching the best athletes in the world compete would inspire one to make healthy choices. Not so.)

10 (2)

The best part of the expo was also the food and beer:

20 (2) 5 8 9

FYI: My uncle’s homemade sauerkraut is about 3000 times better.

When I knew that there was no way I was going to be having more fun then this inside the exhibits.

New Camera and Oldies 091

I decided the best part was walking around and checking out all the different architecture of the countries buildings.

These are some of my fav’s…

View Expo 2010

Common Theme: Canada!

Hollywood over here, showed my passport, started skipping lines, getting pins, taking numbers. Where was that service during the Olympics!? Do you know who I am!


This is what the Olympics taught me about Canada: 14 5 (2)

Not this: 25 Like you are only appealing to 20% of the population here.


This could be any countries food!


I decided he has the worst job in the world.

Canada house wasn’t that great. I don’t think it did a very good job capturing the Canadian spirit, way of life or even the Expo theme of “Better City, Better Life.”

But I guess I’m just used to this:  All Canadian right here. New Camera and Oldies 252

Now, I have one question for the World Expo.  This is the best you could do?! No English editors in China??


PS: Since I want to include all the eat, run, travel aspects of my life in this one post when I was in Shanghai, I got to run in the park again. I was really sore from all the walking at the expo but it was actually a pretty good run. I didn’t have Garmz but ran for about 1 hour and 1/2 at a little faster then LR pace. It is amazing what good coffee can do for a girl and her running. I seriously don’t understand why anyone would want to give it up.

A Typical Teacher’s Day


Spinny table things- unreal. Appies: Candy, Crab Apples, Sunflower seeds, Clementines

Green Tea- heavy on the leaves.

Duck Tongue.

Oil with a side of veggies


Worst red wine ever.

Plenty of gumbay's (One shot)

Peer Pressure:Entertainment:

Butterfly man

Oh I wish adding video didn't cost $60.


Yep, a pretty standard teacher’s day.

Why do you want to come to this school? 6.

The other day, my co-teacher and I were giving interviews to potential students. They ranged from awesome- one girl talked about her love of the show “Breaking the Prison” aka Prison Break (hey, me too…until season 3 then it went downhill, I lost her when I started talking about that), to OK interviews-“I like basketball” ( I understand, anything else you would like to say? No? OK) to really, really bad. One boy answered the question, “Why do you want to come this school” with the answer “6”.  Umm, I got nothing.

I’m learning how political the school system in China is.  I will write more on it later but basically depending on who your family is, it guarantees you a place in the program. It doesn’t matter how bad of a student you are or how little English you speak.  Money and power talk. How is this a communist country again?

Anyway, tomorrow we start class! Check out my  desk and my planner. So excited about this. I love agendas/ planners/ note-books. Have always wanted a teacher planner.

I am going to start introducing you to some of the characters in my town (at least the ones that I know won’t read this blog).

Meet Selvi.

Ex- Italian designer and artist. Now owns a wine shop in Tongxiyang, city of 600,000. 

Completely random?  Yes.  How thankful am I he is here? Very.

No idea why in a country of 1.4 billion people he chose this city to start his wine store, but I’m not going to complain. It’s really good wine! I think he wants to start a wine culture in China. 

 Selvi is someone you can only take in small doses. He chain smokes, drinks a lot, is hard to understand and says whatever is on his mind. He has also been married 3 times. Once to a lesbian in Vegas. Yes, he told us stories. No, I won’t share them on here. Use your imagination.

He likes to give us free wine because we make him so happy. His two Chinese business partners do not like that so much. Not sure how long this place will be in business.


In running news, I haven’t given up yet.  I ran on a treadmill. It’s just as brutal as I remember. The gym has no fans, I don’t think I have ever been that sweaty in my life and I am a sweaty girl so that is saying something.

Work-out #3- 5 minute warm-up/ 2X9 minutes @ 13 and 14 speed (no clue how fast that is, anyone?) 5 minute cool down.

Over and out my homies. Going for Korean food! Assssa.