Typical Week:

Sunday- Long Run
Monday- Rest/ Weights
Tuesday- Speed work at the Track
Wednesday- 10km Tempo Run
Thursday- Clinic Run Night (easy run, hills or speed work)
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Rest/ Weights/ Race?

Speed Work Tips:
Yasso 800s
Intervals (Rest more between for better results)
Track Workout Pace Chart

Training Plans:
Smart Coach
McMillan Calculator

Stretching/Injury Prevention:
Foam Roller


Marathon #1- I did not train. I think I maybe went for a couple 2 hour runs. I will post a Daegu marathon re-cap at some point but basically, I thought since I was a runner I could run a marathon. It is not that easy. I do not recommend this! It was really, really hard. I couldn’t lift my feet off the ground! I was actually shuffling to work. Until I started training for Marathon #2 I didn’t realize what toll the lack of training took on my body.

Marathon #2- I trained with the Running Room Marathon Clinic. (See race re-cap for details on the race). I ran with the group 3 times each week but rarely ran more. I was scared I would get injured or to sore! This training schedule worked for me because I tried to make each run a quality run- working hard and pushing myself each time the group went out. No junk miles! Each week consisted of a:

10km tempo run, 1 hill or speed work-out and 1 long-run.

Marathon #3-I am planning on running more throughout the week. I want to incorporate a lot more speed work into my schedule because I think this is the key to improving my time. Once I move to China I plan on developing my own training schedule and will post it. For now I am following the master and his work-outs


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