Weekly Runs

Sept 19-25

Sunday- 2km warm-up/4km @ 4:37km/2km cool-down

Monday- 6X400m  hill repeats (on the treadmill) at 10/12 speed- 22 incline

Tuesday- Walking- Day at Expo

Wednesday- 1 hour 1/2 at LR pace

Thursday- 2km warm-up/ 4km @ 4:07km/1600m-6:05/2 km cool-down

Friday- lazy

Saturday- lazy

Sept 26-Oct 2

Sunday- 4X400m hill reps 22incline/10speed

Monday- 5km @ 5:15- 15 mins of hills

Umm forgot I had this. damnit

Oct 17-23

Sunday-28km trail race

Monday- recovery

Tuesday- 3km easy

Wed- 6km easy

Thurs- nothing

Friday- 8km @ 5:00 (2km at 4:10)

Sat- nothing

Oct 24-30

Sunday- Operation Run Everywhere began. 10km @5:20

Monday- Fartlek- 2km warm-up/ 9mins @ 4:14/ 8 mins @ 4:05/7 mins @ 4:00 2km cool down +4km ‘running everywhere’

Tuesday- Easy 10mins on incline

Wed- 10km @ 5:00

Thursday- 3km warm-up 3X 5 min fartlek 2km cool down

Fri-Sat- Oops

Oct 31- Nov 6

Sun- oops continued

Monday- 2km warm-up/ 4X1km with 200m recovery 4:00, 3:56, 3:52, 3:46

Tuesday- 11km @ 5:10

Wed- I forget

Thurs- 8km??

Friday- rest

Sat- Nike 10km race 41:23

Nov 7- 13

Sun- Hangzhou Half Marathon 1:40:17

Mon- Terry Fox 10km run/walk

Tues- rest

Wed- 6km @ 5:10

Thurs- rest

Friday- 10 mins (haha)

Sat- 30km @ 5:10


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