A Tuesday Quote

“The best part of falling is picking yourself up and climbing back up.” -Manuel

I am starting from the bottom (or very close to it) with running, as I was venting to Manuel about how out of shape I am, he texted me the above quote.

Everyone has setbacks in running (and in life), they make us stronger, keep us humble and help us appreciate the good things when they happen.

King's Throne




Broken Back= Back to Blogging

Today, I received one of those WordPress blogger statistic emails that compares your blog views to how many people died on the Titanic (not really but it was something about a boat).  Anyway, it got me thinking about this ol’ blog of mine which I mainly avoid because I HATE reading what I wrote (it is so embarrassing) and the fact that I recently broke my back. This means I have a lot of free time and am slowly going crazy. It also means I constantly read about other people’s injuries and recovery and become paranoid that I will be in pain forever and never run again. I do realize that reading about how a 60 year old man recovered from a back fusion on a completely different part of his back is not how I will recover but I can’t stop! 

 I want to start blogging again so that I can document my recovery to keep family and friends informed.  I also hope that my experience will either help someone going through a similar injury or be a huge DO NOT DO WHAT I DID. Everyone cross their fingers for me. 

That’s all for now. It’s +1 in the Yukon today. I have to go stand outside without 14 layers on and soak in the darkness. 

Next, I will tell you all about what it is like to break your back while on vacation in Mexico. 



This is what my world is coming too…

Eating  $5 bags of candy and skipping track work-outs.  I don’t even really like candy. Well, I love chocolate but gummy worms usually don’t do it for me. However, today I saw a girl with a bag of candy and thought, I want that. So I got it.  And then  I felt sick because I meant to save some for later but that just didn’t happen.  Here is a little trick if you want to prevent future over-candy indulgence… if you eat it all at once you feel really sick and won’t want to eat that much candy again for a long time!  Genius. (I say this, but knowing me I will probably buy another bag tomorrow.)

So, I had planned to meet Ken at the track but was so tired all through class I just wasn’t feeling it. I sent him a text and he replied “another time.”   Noooo, my un-motivated self did not need to hear that. Track was a no-go. 

Luckily, I met Alyson in the eve for a 6km tempo run. We warmed-up for about 2km and then ran 6km around the sea wall at a 4:21/km pace followed by a 2km cool down.  It was a pretty good run, my calf was sore at the beginning but once we got into the groove it loosened up. Love running along the sea-wall because it is flat, flat, flat. 

I also tried something new today: 

Vanilla Goat Yogurt

I randomly thought I’d give goat’s yogurt a try. It’s supposedly good for people who are lactose intolerant and has a lot of vitamins. It was OK (obvi I ate it all) but I wasn’t a fan of the taste ir thickness. I prefer the taste and texture of Greek Yogurt.  And now I feel kind of sick. Probably because I ate that after my run at 9:30pm. Smrt.