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I interrupt the injury recap to talk about FOOD…

Exercising took up a large part of my life before I was injured. Between working two jobs and crossfit, running and yoga, I didn’t have much extra time to cook nor did I really like too. Some people find it relaxing and therapeutic, I just want to stuff food in my face as fast as I can when I am hungry.  Thankfully, I live with a guy that loves and has the patience to make delicious meals otherwise I would live off hummus, carrot sticks and chocolate.

Sing it, sista

Sing it, sista.

While I was recovering in the hospital, I made goals about all the new hobbies I would take up since I wouldn’t be able to exercise and would have a lot more free time.  I figured I would learn to knit, read new books, cook, take up crafting, you know, become a total renaissance women. In reality, I read one book. You would judge me if you knew how many episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians I watched. People always asked me if I was really bored, but honestly, I don’t remember ever being bored! I valued my ‘Amelia’ time.

I did get into the show Homeland which was SO good (must watch) but other than that I watched a lot of reality TV and organized my email folders.

However, my cooking dream did not die! (Mostly because Manuel reminded me every day that I was going to start cooking once I was better.) So I read a lot of food blogs and bookmarked recipes but when the time came to make dinner, I was too impatient to prep or wait for a recipe to cook. I decided that if I really wanted to start cooking more, buying a cookbook would help. So I ‘researched’ (read amazon reviews) my options and decided on Jamie Oliver’s- Cook.  It sounded like a good starting point.

Umm, this book is too difficult!  The book is huge which I find over-whelming and the recipes are a lot more complicated and time intensive than I thought they would be. They also have ingredients that I don’t use and cannot find in the Yukon. Fail. Haven’t used it once. Re-gift?

Sad day for me too, Jamie.

Sad day for me too, Jamie.

HOWEVER, this was just a long-winded way of saying that I have started cooking and here are a few EASY recipes that I have tried and liked if you’re in the market to start cooking!

Paleo Pumpkin Granola– My friend Sam introduced me to this granola and I make it all the time now. It’s a delicious snack. (There is a great recipe for an oatmeal bake on her blog now!)

Cauliflower Pizza Crust – Made this for girl’s night once and I was surprised how tasty it turned out.

Life- Changing Loaf of Bread–  I think this is my favourite new recipe! It is SO easy and the only weird ingredient is psyllium husks but that can be found at most health food stores. It tastes great toasted with almond butter or nutella! Yum. img_0171

Quinoa Chicken Balls– I loosely followed this recipe but substituted bacon with chicken and swapped a few of the veggies. Next time, I think I would add hot peppers.

Maple Sweet Potato Hash– I made this tonight and about to eat it all! I substituted the breakfast sausage with grouse that Manuel caught. Living off the land here peeps.

That’s all I’ve got. Five recipes in 3 months… it’s a start!


How I Broke My Back In Mexico: Part 1

They say that everyone has one moment in their lives that changes them forever and they are never the same. (That sounds super dramatic but that’s what ‘they’ say. PS: No idea who ‘they’ is.) So far in my life, I think the moment by back hit the sand on the beaches of Los Cabos was my moment. Here is my story for anyone who cares or wonders why I had so many friends telling me to get better on Facebook. (You guys are the best!)

I was with my family in Mexico for my beautiful cousin’s wedding. Luckily, the wedding was earlier in the week and I got to enjoy the majority of the celebration before I hurt myself.


We stayed at Dreams Los Cabos and weren’t allowed to swim on the beach in front of our hotel. I went to an information session about the resort and a worker mentioned that it was just recommended that we don’t swim but if we were strong swimmers we would probably be fine. Me, being the ex-swimmer that I am totally commented that I could swim there, ha. Famous last words. I didn’t end up swimming at our resort but I’m sure if someone had suggested it, I would have.


On Friday, my sister and I walked down the beach because George Clooney was staying 400m away!! Stalkers in da house.


After a quick dip with George, we continued on our way to go swimming.


I am just kidding. We didn’t swim with George. We didn’t even seem him or Stace. Next time, Gerogie Poo. Kiss, kiss.

So, there was a section of the beach about 20 mins away that was safe for swimming. The waves were big but not crazy scary and it was fun to ride them in. I actually hate riding waves all the way to the shore because all the sand gets in your bathing suit and it hurts. I end up finding sand for days! Anyway, we are getting hungry and it was tequila-o-clock so I decided to ride one more wave in. It was huge and I caught the break at the perfect time, I switched over to ride in on my back to prevent sand chafing and flashing my lady bits to the beach and my timing was off. I turned onto my back as the wave was crashing and slammed down onto the sand. I remember feeling a crack and then bouncing into the shore. Little did I know. vertebrae #7= Shattered.

The scariest part was that I couldn’t breathe at all. I was waving one hand, trying to get someone’s attention but I looked like I was coughing up water. I couldn’t move out of cat’s pose. My sister and a couple of guys came to help me since I was still in the surf. I couldn’t straighten my body so the guys had the idea to put me on a boogie board and carry me up to a beach chair.  I remember wishing that I could just pass out because the pain was so strong. I also remember telling my sister that I thought my back was broken but being really happy I could move my legs. I’m so lucky they were there and I could hold my sister’s hand. The EMS came and put me on a spinal board and we headed to the hospital in San Jose. That was the opposite of fun.